erinn knows shes different but she doesn't know why. Even though much of her past is forgotten she might just be able to remember and figure out who she is.

Chapter 3

The nightmare

"Hey Erinn. Over here." I looked up when I heard the whispers. It was the kid from science. "Erinn follow me I need to show you something. Its really important." I walked over to him and followed him. We walked up to a small cave. "We have to go in here." He pointed at the cave. Why was I trusting him? I didn't even know his name. I went inside the cave and what I saw would've scared anyone, except me apparently. There was fire everywhere, and there was a giant monster in the middle of the cave, When I saw him my heart dropped. "Do you recognize anything." I jumped and turned around it was the kid from science. 'No should I?" "Yes you should, but if you don't I wont tell." "Wait what? tell me, hey tell me." suddenly everything went black, I woke up.

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