You're Never Alone

Chapter 1


by: Luxray100
It was about 6 a.m. on my grandparents farm. I was taking a quick run through the forest before the bus got there. I love running through the woods. Smelling the air, feeling the soil under my feet, the wind in my fur. Oh yeah, i'm sorta, unique. I can shift into a wolf, along with a few other perks. I can hear and smell just as good as any other wolf, and I can understand animals.

I was going down one of my trails when I smelled a cayote. I love all animals, but I'm not the biggest fan of cayotes. Every time I meet one they're kinda annoying. "Hey, who are you?" He asked. "I'm Randi. Who are you?" I asked him. "A cayote." He said. "Not what, who." "I'm that one male. Haha." He laughed. I heard my bus coming and for once I was thankfull. "I have to go." I told him. "Ooh! Where ya goin' where ya goin'?!" He asked excitedly. "Back to my pack." I told him as I ran back to the house to get my stuff.

"Where were you?" My grandpa asked me. No one in my family knows about my abilities. "I just went up to the barn for a bit." I said. "You know one of these days you're gonna miss that bus." He told me. I grabbed my backpack as the bus pulled up. I like my school enough. There was a forest nearby that I went in during lunch so that was nice. If I needed to I could get something to eat out there during lunch.

On the way to school the bus got caught in traffic and we were running late. When we got there there was only one minute till the last bell. I sprinted to class. I accidentaly ran into a girl named Tania. "Sorry!" I yelled as I ran to class, making it right as the last bell rang. "Late bus again?" The teacher asked. "Yeah." I said as I brushed my curly brown hair out of my face.

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