You're Never Alone

Chapter 2


I stair down the stairs. I faintly hear my parents voices. I move down a few more steps so I can hear them better.

"I hope she is already gone." My mother scowls. I already know she is talking about me.

"You know if it weren't for the fact that you decided no more children after her then we could have had a chance to have had a better child." My father complains.

I sigh and grab my backpack. I turn invisible and walk down the stairs. Silently opening the front door, I walk out, then I quietly close it behind me. I look around to make sure no one will see me and turn visible again. I walk to the bus stop and, seeing as the bus was already there, I run onto it. I sit down on the nearest empty seat and read my book.

I hear the bus doors open soon, I close my book and put it in my backpack. I walk off the bus and into the school, all the way to my locker. I put my backpack in my locker and take out my school books. I smile glad I didn't run into...

"Hello Freak." Cindy says, in her taunting voice.

Shoot. Of course I had to jinx myself.

"The name's Tania, not Freak." I mumble.

"Are you sure? I thought it was Freak." Cindy says, you can hear the smile on her face.

I look down and don't answer.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you, Freak!" Cindy screeches.

I look at her while closing my locker.

"On second thought, don't I wouldn't be able to stand staring at your face while "talking" to you." she says.

She walks away smirking. I hug my books close to me chest and start walking to class. On the way though a girl whose name I believe is Randi bumps into me.

She continues walking and I hear her yell, "Sorry."

I frown a continue my walk to Math.

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