You're Never Alone

Chapter 5


The weekend. The worst. My parents are arguing...again. I'm on my bed, staring out the window. I could the the forest...or maybe then considered woods. It seemed to be everywhere. By the school, by my house...actually pretty much by everyone’s house. Sometimes I've thought about going out there. But then I remember how many wild animals are out then and I decide not to. I could protect...kind of...myself from them, they wouldn't be able to kill me, but I would hate hurting them.

“Well, maybe we should have took her to the orphanage like we were thinking about!!” I hear Mom shriek.

“Maybe we never should have gotten together in the first place!!!” Dad roars.

I try to block them out. They always made threats. Threats of divorce, leaving, killing (each other or themselves), bringing me to the orphanage. They never followed through on any of them though. I walk downstairs quietly, turning invisible on the way. I completely avoid looking at my screaming parents. They wouldn't have seen me even if I wasn't invisible, they were too busy arguing, but I didn't like looking at them at all.

I walk outside and decide to just stroll around the neighborhood. Not wanting anyone to take notice of me while I was walking, I stayed invisible.

I close my eyes, knowing I can't run into anything or anyone. When I next open my eyes I see a pole and walk straight through it.

Oh....yeah my...ability let's me walk through things and people, but only when I am invisible. I close my eyes again and continue my walk, enjoying the slight breeze. I decide I should do this more often.

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