You're Never Alone

Chapter 7


by: Luxray100
I invited Lillian to come stay with me at my house. She wasn't to sure at first but she agreed to come with me. We got to the old barbed wire fence about 200 yards away from the house. "Follow me." I said. I showed her the fallen pine tree that I used to get over the fence without getting zapped and we headed towards the house. "Are you sure they'll let me stay?" She asked. "Of course. My grandma and grandpa always taught me to do what you can to help people. It'd be pretty weird if they didn't let you stay." I reasured her.

We walked into the house, "I'm back." I said. "In here." I heard my grandma say from the living room. "Hey Grandma." I said. "Hey girl. Who's that?" She asked. "This is Lillian. Can she stay here?" I asked. "Yeah. She can stay." She said. "Thanks Grandma." I said. "Follow me." I said showing Lillian to my room. "She seems nice." Lillian said. "Yeah, she is. My grandpa can be kinda grumpy though. But he's a good guy once you get to know him." I told her.

"Who's that?" She asked pointing to a picture on my desk. "Oh, that's my mom. She ain't around much. Haven't seen her since last Christmas." I said. "I guess that's better than nothing." She said. "Yeah." I said. I really did kinda miss my mom, she said she'd come see me at my birthday a few months ago but she didn't show. I really wasn't expecting her to anyway, but I was still hoping. "Hey you wanna meet some of my animals?" I asked her. "Sure." She said.

I took her out and showed her the animals. She really seemed to like Maggie. Maggie is a sweet courter horse mix. "Nice to meet you Lillian." Maggie said kindly. "You to." She said happily. "Hey Lillian you wanna ride her?" I asked. "Oh no. I don't wanna." My horse Drifter, a cremello mustang, said. "Oh come on fatty, it's not like I make you go on cattle drives or anthing." I said back. "Sure." she said.

After we finnished our horse back ride we went down to the house for dinner. Burgers and fries, my favorite. Lillian seemed to like them to. After we finnished eating we went to go to bed. "You can have my bed." I said. "Are you sure?" She asked. "Sure, I hardly sleep in it anyway. Im more of a, "night wolf" anyway." I smiled. So she slept in my bed. She must've been tired because as soon as she hit the pillow she was out like a light.

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