Life's Bloopers / Something to Laugh About

These are just some things I've experienced, I'm writing this story partly because of a suggestion from a friend. It's purpose is to make people laugh, It's not really one story, but a collection of the funny but true stories I have to tell. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 2

Burning Bushes

When I was 14 years old, my dad was transferred to the Mayport naval base in Jacksonville Florida, we couldn't find any affordable house worth living in in Florida, so we moved to Dublin Georgia while my dad lived on base in Mayport and came up during the weekends. We had a fireplace in our new house, and we used it, a lot. We had gotten a puppy, Sheltie/Dingo hybrid when we first moved to Georgia.
I was going outside to play with Dingo when I saw him barking at the bushes, from which smoke and flames were rising. I put him in the house so he'd stay out of the way and not get burned , grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out half the fire with it before it went empty, it was too small. I then ran to the front of the house, unhooked the hose from the spigot, rushed it to the spigot on the back of the house, and proceeded to put out the rest of the fire.
A few minutes after I had extinguished the fire, I heard the fire trucks coming. I had already let my dog back out and was carrying the hose to the front yard when Dingo rushed to the fence to my next door neighbor's back yard, barking at a firefighter trying to climb over to our back yard. I put the dog back inside because he was making the firefighter nervous, and more firefighters came. The first question they asked me was "Did you start the fire" "no" I replied, "I was coming out to play with my dog when I saw the fire and put it out"
They found that the source of the fire was a pile of smoldering ashes in the corner, and they sprayed the pile. By that time, my dad had came out, and he confessed to dumping the ashes from the fireplace in the bushes, not knowing they could still ignite. He spent the rest of the night praising me for my quick thinking and calling himself an idiot.

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