The Hunting Party

Will Kiara and her friends kill the one that is hunting her or will they be killed first?

Well let me know what you think!! Hope you like it! :D

Chapter 1

Kiara's POV

"Mom I'm going out with Kemala!" I call as I walk out the front door.

"Shouldn't we wait till tomorrow when its light out to go see this movie?" Kem asked nervously.

"Then it wouldn't be any fun!! Come on Kem your not afraid of the dark so what are you so scared of!" I ask my timid blond/blue haired friend.

"Its not the dark I'm afraid of its whats in it Kiara! And if you knew whats out there then you would be too!" Kem muttered.

"Really?" I ask her with hint of sarcasm.

"Oh wait forgot who I was talking too! The Great and Fearless Kiara!" She said mockingly and she even added a bow after fearless.

"Now thats more like it!" I laugh.

We turned onto Harrison Street and I could just make out the lights when I got a shiver down me spine. I could feel eyes boring into my back so I risked a quick glance over my shoulder and....there was nothing there! Damn you Kemala your starting to rub off on me!! Just as we came into full view of the movie theater I heard rustling leaves but its gone as quickly as it came. We buy our tickets and find our seats but as the movie starts the power goes out with a pop.

"Kiara lets get out of here!" Kem hissed.

"Ok," I reply.

"Thats the smartest thing I've ever heard you say!" Kem said with mock surprise.

"I'll remember that next time you ask me for advice!" I threaten.

Kemala just rolled her eyes at me and took the lead as usual. After fifteen minutes of walking in silence I thought I heard voices behind us so I quickly look behind us this time two boys were fallowing us. I jog up to Kem and pull on her sleeve. She shoots me an annoyed glare but I point behind us. She turns sees the boys and her mouth almost hit the ground.

"Do you know them?" I whisper.

She just shakes her head. I shoot her my famous The-Queen-Is-Not-Amused expression and she almost cracks up laughing. I give her a satisfied nod. We were on the street parallel to my house when the creeps behind us started talking to us. We grid to ignore them and walk faster but before we knew it the boys were in front of us.

"Go away!" Kem told them quite bravely.

"No can do sweetheart!" The black haired one said evilly.

They started ushering us into a wall.

"Seriously back the f..uck off!" I shout.

"Calm down babe!" the blonde one said with a soothing smile.

I felt myself instantly calming down against my will. No!! Snap put of it!!

"I'm warning you back off!!" I growl.

"What you gonna do sweetheart?" The black haired bot asked sweetly.

"This," I say simply as I kick him in the stomach and backhand the other one.

"Run!" I scream to Kem. And surprisingly she does.

I started to fallow her but one of the creeps grabbed me by the wrist and pulled be into his chest.

"Try and get out of this one babe!" He hissed in my ear.

I twist my wrist so that the inside is away from my body and thrust out breaking his grip on me. I roundhouse kick him in his chest and hear a few ribs break. then the Black haired one attacked. He aimed a punch at my shoulder but at the last second I leaned back over the garbage can behind me and stuck my leg up so that he pole vaulted over me and into the big dumpster behind.

Again I start running towards my house but this time I actually made it there!

"Kiara!" Kem screamed as I ran inside and bolted the door shut behind me.

"How'd you get away?" My mother asked me as she hugged me.

"I kicked their a.sses! Not kidding I broke o few ribs on one of them! I don't even know martial arts but I still beat the living hell out of them!" I tell them.

They look at each other and something passes between them. They're gonna tell me something big. But there is a crash from in the living room.

"Hide you two!" I whisper to my mom and Kem as we duck behind the island.

"No baby you can't!" Mom protested.

"Mom I can fight! I don't know how but I've already kicked their a.sses I can do it again!" I explain again.

"Let me go!" Kem urged.

"Hell no Kem! If anyone has a chance of winning this fight its me!" I object.

"Come on out sweetheart!" One calls from the living room.

"We don't bite...much!" The other calls from down the hall.

"Princess were are you?" A new one asks from the kitchen doorway.

I point to myself then point up. They both nod but reluctantly. They both start crying silently. I stand up.

"There you are!" A red haired boy exclaims.

"Wheres your little friend and family?" The blonde asks.

"She went home and my mom is at work!" I reply.

"Well then come with us!" The black haired one says as he extended his hand to me.

I ignore his hand and walk out the front door. They fallow. I turn to face then once the are all out and I see my mom in the attic window.

"I'm not going anywhere with you creeps!" I say.

They all laugh.

"Your right she's got spunk!" The redhead laughed.

"Ya you'll see how much spunk I have when I kick your a.sses again!" I growl.

"Have it your way Princess!" Redhead laughed.

He went to tackle me but I jumped over him. He turns amazed and tries to go around me but I whirl to face him again and again. So he signals one of the boys I have my back to put me in a choke and before I can turn I'm in a choke hold. I grab his arm and drop my shoulders and he flips over me. I give him a good solid punch in the chest to break the rest of his ribs. He doesn't get up again. The other two are amazed.

But redhead throws a brick at me and I bend back to ovoid getting my skull bashed in. But before I get back up the blonde and karate chops my stomach making me collapse.I stumble to my feet and pick up a pointy metal rod. As blondie tries to punch me I stab him through the stomach. Redhead is right in front of me then he's gone.

"Nice try Princess!" He laughs as he grabs me and holds my neck to one side and injects something. I go limp in his arms and everything goes black.

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