I don't care how many Group Stories I made, I'll do as much as I want to. SIGN UPS

Look below, please :)

Chapter 1

SIGN UPS!!.......Yes, AGAIN

by: CaughtUp
Okay, I KNOW that I created a LOT of group stories, but so many of them have been getting deadpooled, lately! So I thought I should make a new one. But this time, it's a love story. A Percy Jackson love story. In Camp Half-Blood. All of the characters go on quests and lose the way. Somehow, they end up with they're partner.

You can be any gender, but if you want to join, you need to write two chapters each. One with YOUR character. One with YOUR character's love life. You can have a protective brother, sister, or an ex-boyfriend. That'll make more drama into this group stories ;)

So, my character is...

Name: Allison Cross
Age: 15
Personality: Very nice, loving, intelligent, an excellent charm-speaker, swift and sly
Appearance: Long black hair with blue eyes and fair skin
Daughter/Son of: Daughter of Aphrodite
Love Interest: Percy Jackson (you can also make up your love interest's name, but I'm going to use the real character :3)
Other: Hates being a daughter of Aphrodite, would rather be a daughter of Zeus
Friends: All of the other characters

So fill those out!

Daughter/Son of:
Love Interest:

Thanks so much! :D ALSO can you give me some suggestions of what the story's title should be? I'm super bad at making up titles

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