~Half-Blood's need Eros~ (A Percy Jackson Love Story)


It's about teenagers who are in Camp Half-Blood. They seem to be very..Un-natural until they meet some new friends just like them, and find the 'One'. Luke Castellon joins the dark side and they are all sent on quest together to defeat him...This won't only be about war, but it's also about fighting for love.

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Chapter 1


by: CaughtUp
Name: Allison Cross
Age: 15
Personality: Very nice, loving, intelligent, an excellent charm-speaker, swift and sly
Appearance: Long black hair with blue eyes and fair skin
Daughter/Son of: Daughter of Aphrodite
Love Interest: Percy Jackson
Other: Hates being a daughter of Aphrodite, would rather be a daughter of Zeus
Friends: All of the other characters

Name: Alexa Roberts
Age: 15
Personality: sarcastic, closed, dangerous, protective, smart
Appearance: light blond shoulder length hair, silver/blue eyes, hunter build (lean, skinny, lethal)
Daughter/Son of: Artemis
Love Interest: Nico DiAngelo
Other: Enemies with Apollo's cabin and Apollo, Have a pet wolf named Alala (snow white with emerald green eyes.)
Friends: Hunters of Artemis, wolves, Percy, Anyone but Apollo's Cabin

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 14
Personality: Leader, outgoing, brave, independent, (bravery and independence are her fatal flaws)
Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, electric blue eye, very pale skin, tall
Daughter/Son of: Zeus
Love Interest: Blake, son of Hades
Other: almost became a huntress
Friends: Allison is one of her closest friends, friends with all other characters- sans Ares cabin

Name: Ariadnea Marina Wheadon
Age: 13
Personality: Smart, thinker, shy but don't get her angry
Appearance: Brown, straight long hair, plae skin, dimples, freckles
Daughter/Son of: Daughter of Athena
Love Interest: Luke Castellon
Other: Really hates herself for liking Luke, because of her friendship with Percy. Considers joining the Hunter sone day.
Friends:Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Luke, Nico.

Name: Luke Wilson
Son of : Venus
Love Intrest: Tiffany Rose
Other: Great thinker, loves mysterys,
Description : Shy, sweet, smart. Brown hair, thin, short, hazel
Friends: everyone

Name: Raiden Tanaka
Age: 13
Personality: Huge temper; has very violent mood swings (bipolar). Very athletic and quite intelligent, but very lazy.
Appearance: Jet-black hair, dazzling cobalt-blue eyes, very fit and attractive. Lightly tanned skin.
Daughter/Son of: Zeus (I know Zeus isn't supposed to have any more children...so would you rather I change it, or keep it as it is?)
Love Interest: None
Other: Hates losing, and would do anything to win
Friends: Most people who agree with him.

Name: Candace Grangelen
Age: 16
Personality: rebellious , hates it when others boss her around, hates attention
Appearance: dark brown pixie cut, bright green eyes, scar on the left side of her chin, more angular face
Daughter/Son of: Ares
Love Interest: Colin (son of Apollo)
Other: Her mother died healing soldiers, so Candace was brought to Camp Half-blood when she was seven.
Friends: sort of close with Annabeth and Clarisse

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