Making History  (Hetalia Fanfic)

Making History (Hetalia Fanfic)

Chapter 1


Name: Berlin

Human Name: Klara Beilschmidt

Family: Germany (Older bro) and Prussia (Again, older bro)

Looks: Blode hair, blue eyes, and blue framed glasses (For more specific see the story pic... just make the glasses and tie blue)


[Training/fighting/meetings] She wears military pants tucked into black boots, a black tank top with her military jacket over it, un-buttoned. she wears black gloves

[Other times (Hanging with someone, sight seeing, etc.)] She wears a button-up white shirt that has sleeves rolled up right below her elbows with a blue tie and black skinny jeans with blue sneakers and black gloves (along with a black jacket if it's cold)
she wears a blue tank top with black shorts and black sneakers

Favorite color: BLUE

Favorite Animal: Neko (Cat)

Friends: America, Italy, England, Japan, Her brothers, Hungary, and Russia (France: What about me? Me: No.. France: but... Me: Go away.)

Location: Somewhere in the ocean, nearish to Europe.

History: Berlin is a small island that Germany found and decided to name it after his capital. He began having troubles with his little sister when she demanded that she have some sort of freedom and eventually they settled their differences. Almost every country wants her to leave her brother to become part of their country because she's very powerful when it comes to military tactics and just anything military or knowledge in general...

Personality: Berlin LOVES going to new places, she's a very sweet girl (Unless you're France, then you don't have a prayer of her being nice...) She's got a good temper, (Unless she's in a bad mood from the start) but she does act a bit like America in some ways (Gets really excited by simple things mostly...)

Hobbies: Reading, drinking milkshakes, eating sandwiches, sight seeing in other countries, and training

Crush(es): America and Britain

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