Maybe Not All Is Lost- Harry Potter NG

Harry failed to kill Lord Voldemort, so the Wizarding World isn't going that good. He's picking off students by the hundreds each week to fight to the death....enjoy.

Chapter 1

Different- Kat's POV

I awoke at an ungodly time in the morning when the sky was still dark, otherwise known as fricken four o'clock in the morning, by my older sister Jaya. " Get up, you sleepyhead. It's your first day at Hogwarts today, remember? " I mumbled something that- for the record- was NOT a curse word, and rolled out of bed lazily.

I saw something hurtle past me and suddenly my mother was sitting on my bed, handing me my clothes. " Good luck, sweetie. I'm sorry I can't be there, but I've got to work. Jaya can drive the two of you. "

Jaya smirked, and, with a wave of her wand packed all of the items I had received when we had gone shopping at Diagon Alley yesterday. I rolled my eyes. " No need to show off, sister dear. " I shooed her out of the room, and, after getting dressed, looked at myself in the mirror. No makeup, I can't abide makeup. At my old school, the girls wore it caked onto their faces. My corkscrew hair was going in every which direction, so I grabbed a few hair ties to hold it back.

When I was convinced I looked all right, I rushed downstairs. Mother was already gone, so without another word we leaped into the car. Jaya was calling her friends the whole trip, which was three hours and forty-one minutes to be precise. I laid my head down on the armrest, just for a second, and my eyes closed.

" Trust me, Katherine. You run through that wall. " I was staring at Jaya as she tried to explain the concept of why running through the wall would benefit me. She finally gave up, and, taking a running start, kept through the wall. I blinked in surprise. A few seconds later, I was side-by-side with Jaya and her friends.

" Bye, Kat. " Jaya shooed me this time to the train, which looked very magnificent. It had brilliant scarlet and gold colors, and was huge. I climbed aboard, looking around the compartments. There was an empty one on the right, so I sat down. A few minutes later, I was joined by redhead who introduced herself as Alexandra Something-Or-The-Other ( I'm not that great with names. ).

We were joined by two other girls, named Riley Justice, and Franjesica Lin. We chatted for a bit, putting on our uniforms. Soon the castle came into view, and we exited the train.

I caught a glimpse of Jaya headed to a carriage, while we saw some boats and a gigantic man calling, " Firs' Years over here! " Riley, Franjesica, Alex and I headed to the man, sitting all in the same boat.

Minutes later, we climbed out of the boat, fairly wet. My hair had gone nutso because it was reacting to the water. The curls I had carefully put into my dark brown hair earlier this morning were gone, and my face was scattered with rain streaks that showed up easily on my skin.

My secret happened then. I turned into another person. I can turn invisible or turn into another person, but only one I've seen. I turned into Franjesica, which was funny.

We quieted down as a potbellied man who introduced himself cheerfully as Slughorn entered the room. He explained the process of sorting to us, and pulled out a half-melted ratty old hat. He placed it onto a stool, and called us out. I sorta blanked out until my name was called. ( I know, bad friend, right. )

" Kensington, Katherine " Slughorn said, and I walked solemnly to the hat. I placed it onto my head, and waited.

eh wheezed a voice.
sorting I reminded it gently
well....hmm....a Kensington, am I correct? Yes...Yes. I see
well, what's it going to be. We haven't got all day mister
Better be...
" GRYFFINDOR!!! " I heard a mass amount of cheering as I stood up and made my way to the table. I had somehow lost my friends in the crowd, but did see Alexandra waving to me.

Great fully, I walked over to her. " Good job. " She said, smiling genuinely. After the sorting finished with Zeldric, Jonathan being sorted into Ravenclaw, we ate. I hardly touched my food, not being very hungry. I left ahead of time, deciding not to have to talk to anyone.

Unfortunately, I didn't see my roommates, because I was asleep before they got there. Goodnight, Hogwarts.

Yay. That went well. Man that was long. Can we have Alexandra ( Sodapops_Greaser_Girl ) up next? Thanks

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