The Adventures of Cookie and Rose

Chapter 1

A new home

I sat down on the cold stone floor, I was the only animal left. If i didn't get adopted soon, I would be put down. I heard the door unlock and open, I ran up to the edge of my cage and look out. A quite "big" man with grey and black hair and a beard stepped in, he had a faded blue uniform with old jeans. His name tag was torn and blurry, he had black dusty shoes and a block belt with 100's of keys. I tried to look at what he was holding in the cage but It wasn't very clear. I stared at him walking to a cage directly across from me. He open the door of the cage, opened the cage he was open and swung the animal in and slammed the door. I watched him go away into the office. I stared back at the animal, It looked like a cat. It looked at me. I came closer to the edge of my cage, it did to. I looked familiar, Then It hit me, it was my cousin Rose. "Rose?" I asked.
"Cookie?" The cat said back. "Is that you Rose?" i asked again. "If your a Ginger cat with a cousin named Rose, then yes" Rose replied. "Long time no s-" I started. The door swung open and two girls followed after the man. One of them had blonde hair and was wearing a bright blue dress with bright pink shoes. The other had blonde hair as well with a bright pink dress with bright blue shoes. Then a woman with a fur coat and a red dress with brownish red high heels stepped after them. The girl in the blue dress came up to me and stared at me for a while. then stood up to the woman." Mummy! Mummy! I want that one!" she said pointing to me. The woman looked at me with my green eyes and orange fur. " Okay darling" She said back to the girl. The girl walked over to me and started stroking me on the head. The man unlocked the door and picked me up. His Dirty hands made my fur go dark. I got put in the girls arms and in a strange thing called a car. Rose was with the other girl. She was asleep in her arms. I looked up at the girl who was holding me and smiled. I knew this would be fun.


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