The Neverland Chronicles

Let me just add to the stories that I may never finish...

This is a Peter Pan fanfiction/rethinking. It's sort of based on Hook, so there will be some resemblance there.

Chapter 1


Nearly one hundred years have passed since the Darling siblings' legendary journey to Neverland.

Captain James Hook III now commands the pirates of Neverland, terrorizing the good people who live there. The Lost Boys have grown in number, still raiding the pirates' ports and ships when they find the chance. The Picaninny Indians have all but died out. They lost most of their people after Tiger Lily's death in a raid by Hook II, just before he died himself.

Tinker Belle founded a colony of faeries on what was once Marooner's Rock. It started out as a watch point so Tink would know when Peter was returning. Since his disappearance, the faery colony has served as a lookout spot for the Lost Boy raids. Tink still waits for Peter to come home.

For the rest of Neverland, however, Peter Pan has faded to a myth. Tink tells the Lost Boys about him when she can escape the pressure of leadership. "Hook III has grown ruthless," she tells them, "but Peter Pan will return when we need him most."

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