One Day Wish, or a Coincidence?

Now, just a random fan girl, but not too much........she hates the squealing type......always wishing she was a different race and not her "boring" one. But her favorite show has always cheered her up.
Alexis, just some mysterious weird 8th grader, loving the Japanese anime "Hetalia: Axis Powers". Even loving all the characters, but mostly Japan. Taking a quiz, wishing on the moon, unknowingly she gets a lovely suprise the next day.

Chapter 1

Quizes, Nights, Sleep

"Oh my god......" I groaned as I heard my two little sisters fighting again. My other, she was being herself as usual. By that, the true idiotic person she is. I find it cruel how she's making the "blondes are stupid" thing true. She is just special, unlike me. I turned up the music louder, the song 'Mess' by Get Scared, I really loved. I was taking random quizzes and all on quibblo, looking through some stuff, messaging Cat, what a night. I finally heard(slightly) my sisters calm down and going to bed. All my homework was done already, since I have always done it early all the time. I sighed and messaged my RP friend, then started to head to bed. The last quiz I took was 'Which Hetalia character are you?'. I made a light chuckle, knowing I always get Japan. But sometimes Italy, if I want to be funny and all. Lying on my bed I looked out the window and saw the full moon. I made a small wish, crazy right? Its always on stars but, what the hell? Why not moons? Putting on my alarm to wake me up at 5, but I always do anyway, I drifted off to my dream. Not really since I always dream what would happen the next day.

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