Your Hand Fits in Mine

Your Hand Fits in Mine

Your hand fits in mine, like my hands on your hips and your head in my neck... But is it meant to be...?

Chapter 1


Hey guys my names Sarina!
Yah I dont think I am all to pretty or special or any of that but thats me.
I am taken by my awesome boyfriend, Caspar
My best friends are:
Louis Tomlinson (My sassy friend)
Niall Horan (My loving almost boyfriend kind of friend)
Harry Styles (My perverted friend)
Zayn Malik (My walking ink pen cuz of all his tats!)
Liam Payne (Basically my dad)

My parents arent around so I live with Niall and Louis and Liam and Harry and Zayn. I guess havin Liam as a "Dad" Is pretty good conciterin I dont have one.... Well There is a reason! My mom and Dad both died about 2 years ago now. I was falling through the cracks before Niall came along and saved me... He took me in when no one else would... He is the bestest friend in the world! Anyway, he kept me around and here I am I guess! Caspar and I met a year ago and are still going... But its not as strong... I dont even know... But anyway! I know my Niall is there when I need a friend so I'll be fine! :D Well Harry wants to use the computer now so bye!

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