WARNING- If you are scared easily or grossed out by blood please don't blame me if you read on.
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Chapter 1


I wake up Sharply and get up out of bed. It's the day...Zombies come to real life.
I thrust open my closet door and grab my mark 2 pistol and my Knife that has jagged edges. I get my army pants on and a long sleeved t-shirt and some sneakers and socks and my black hoody with lighting designs on it that are red and put them on.
My name is...
Blood, I'm 18 years old, And i'm a loner. My parents died 9 years ago and I have nobody left. My black emo spiked hair suits me perfectly and my green eyes is what I hate. I am the silent type who doesn't want anyone to notice me. That's the last thing on my list right now.
I put on a belt to hold up my pistol. All I need right now is my knife.
I slowly creep to the door of my bedroom. And I grab my waterbottle that's right by it. I open the door quietly but fast. And look around my surrounding so far so good.

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