I need help -.-

Chapter 1


Well, earlier this week my son fell off my bed, i was watching him but i was getting changed when he fell off, he broke his arm and now child services are getting involved in this situation cause they think i push him off my bed. When i obviously didnt cause i love him! But their taking it to court for child abuse and if i get acused for doing it ill get him taken off me and put in jail cause im on a 24 month good beaviour bond -.- and he will be taken to his birth mother, which isnt a good thing! I didnt push him off the bed, i have told tem over and over again but they wont believe me!
What do i do? :[ i dont want him taken off me!

Legit crying cause his to special to be taken away from his dad :[ and also i dont wanna go jail! I have turned my whole life around for this kid and itll be gone just cause a stupid lie! Its bullshiit! I hate the law!

What cause my son fell off the bed by accident while i was getting changed and broke his arm and cause his has a few bruises and one of his toe nails have been ripped off? your acusing me of child abuse? I would never hit an child!

Need someone to talk to before i explode! -.- :'[


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