Its just me.

Chapter 1


Lets say this. You all know me behind this computer right ? Yes its true. Not one of you know the real me, outside of the interenet world. Which completely sucks. But anyways. As most of yous know, yes i self-harm alot. But only some of yous know why. Well my mother past away when i was four years old. My real dads in jail cause of me. My other brother Thomas died because of me as well. I only have Jeric who is nine years old left of my real family. My dads side hates me cause of what i did to him. My mums parents past away along time ago, and her sister and brother live to far away for me to visit. So i only have Jeric left. My step mother and step siblings are like real siblings to me but they aren't and i know it. They have that feeling that we are only half related. Tara who is five has an idea that her older brothers aren't her real brothers, but Elijah and Blake who are three now have no idea at all on what is happening at this point, same as Kellie who is only five months old, well she cant even talk yet so shes in her own world. My other borther Thomas was three when he died 'at the scene' as they call it. You wanna know what happened? Well me aged three at the time and Thomas aged three at the time were playing in our two story house and me and Thomas were fighting over a toy truck, we were pulling and tucking at the truck and finally i turned around and whacked him in the face. As he fell to the ground crying so did i. I couldnt believe that i had just hit my three year old brother in the face. As dad came into the room i ran out still crying, ran down stairs and hid. I could here dad screaming and yelling out to me, i knew i was going to be in heaps of trouble and to make it worst i was hidding from it all. At the time i didnt know what was happening to Thomas all i knew that Thomas was properly still crying. I started freaking it and stupid me got out of my hidding spot. Soonly he caught me. He pulled me by my arm all the way back up stairs and started to bash me.
I walked into the room and Thomas was lying in bed. I walked up to him and told him i was sorry. At the time i didnt know he was dead.
Mum came home and i heard her say where are the boys to dad, he said alseep in their beds, he didnt know i wasnt asleep. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs so i pretended to be asleep, she walked in our room and walked up to Thomas and said i love you than kissed him on the cheek and than i sat up and as soon as did she came running up to me and was omg Justice what happened ? i told her briefly as i couldnt tlk when i was three properly anyways, she picked me up and went to Thomas's bed and picked him up even though he was asleep, she carried us down stairs and started to yell at dad, he just got up and walked outof the house. Mum took us to the bathroom to clea up and take us to the hospital, when she put me down she realised Thomas was still asleep, so she slightly shaked him but still no answer, she started to freakout nd call 000 (as other people know it by 911) she came back and she saw that he wasnt breathing. the ambulance came and than yeah mum took us to the hospital, and than dad came and than yeah.
They found out dad had bashed him and he passed out and he thought he would just put him to bed he will wake up later, but really he never did :[ R.I.P Gone but never forgotten best twin/older brother ever! Nearly ben 11 years mate! You would of been my best friend, even though your not here you still are! 11 years on the 3 of February! gone for so long at stuch a young age :[ love you bro!
See you very soon! x33

~ Rip ThomasStevenBrynes x3


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