I suck guys, but Ed Sheeran is great. Lol idk

Chapter 1

No joke

Okay guys I know, I know.
I freakin suckkkk.
I am NEVER on Quibblo anymore.
I feel bad though! Because I've been writing, just...
not here.
I've got about half of my one direction one done (-_- I know. I'm not helping myself, but I just couldn't help it...k im confused now) and I've got the first Ed Sheeran one done and just started a sequel to it.
That's right, I finished a fanfiction ^.^ SO HAPPY.
Let's see, updates on my life....
Still single. Of course. Because no one likes me.
Got all A's (nerd haha WHO SAID THAT shut up NO MAKE ME what if I don't wanna WELL TOO BAD)
Directioner, Twihard, Sheerio, Janoskianator.
If you don't know who the Janoskians are, you gotta look them up, they are incredibly hilarious. Actually, I'll give you links.
If you don't know who Sheeran is...I think you need to go look him up and eat some fajitas. His voice is amazing-okay, don't let me start rambling on him. Link later as well.
I got a Furby for Christmas! I named it Niall.
I'm starting a necklace chain thing, every time I get a charm or something that I like I add it to the necklace. Right now I've got this old antique locket of Snow White on it.
I've suddenly become obsessed with tattoos. I have this one in mind, It says give me love on it.
Been thinking more and more about writing. I'm really serious about making a career out of it, or at least a small one. Right now I'm reading Shadowland my Allyson Noel (idk if that's how you spell her first name) and Velva Jean Learns To Drive. Velva Jean is amazing, I've read it before. Spirit touching.
I don't know what else to say...I've really missed it here, I got a phone with internet and stuff on it, so I don't get on the computer as much, and Quibblo is hard to write on on a phone. Let me know if you want me to put my Ed fanfic on here.

Janoskian link: http://www.youtube.com/user/janoskians

Ed Sheeran Link: So I didn't know which song, so I just linked the entire album...lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecHQOdQuHns


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