Eris is your average sixteen year old girl living in a small, heavily wooded town named Pauwau. Quiet and reserved, Eris is able to hide her gift that she counted as a curse. She is able to speak to the dead. What will Eris do, though, when she encounters a malevolent spirit that might not be a dead human but a living demon? What will she do when she discovers even more gifts that she never knew about? How will she protect the ones she loves from something who wishes her dead?..

Chapter 2

The Screaming Man Project

Rain beat against the windows of the class rooms. The teacher droned on about subjects we will never have to know in our futures. Students whispered rumors about each other to their friends about their other friends. The wind mercilessly pounded against the windows and walls. Their voices whispered pleas of help into my ears. I closed my eyes. I closed my mind. I didn't want to understand their words, their complaints, their pleas. "Mr. Rogers, may I go to the nurse's office, please?" I gathered all of my books into one pile and pulled them into my arms. Mr. Rogers - our Geography teacher - nodded his head, handed me a hall pass, and let me leave.

I pushed my legs to go as fast as they could without it being a jog. There was one voice that seemed more dominant than the rest. It must be my next project. A project is the one person I'm supposed to help pass on first, at least that's what I call them. This project just screamed a lot. Nothing really distinct came out of his mouth. The screaming made my head throb terribly. I walked up to my locker and spun the dial. 24-30-41 My mind quoted for me. "Please, go away. I can't help you if all you do is scream." I whispered to the man screaming in my ear. His body was transparent making me have to guess where he would be standing if I could see him. I was guessing my left side since that seemed to be the side of my head that was hurting the most.

A series of yells and moans echoed inside of my head. I gingerly put my books on the shelf inside of my locker. I put a couple of notebooks and folders in my back pack, and they were followed by my Geography textbook and a reading book. "Mr. I seriously cannot help you unless you use words I can at least slightly comprehend. I don't know when you passed, and I don't know if you even speak English. You need to help me understand, though. I can't help you if you keep screaming in my ear." I stated calmly.

"Who are you talking to, Miss Doty?" Principle Olmstead walked down the hallway towards me. My blood froze. He'll think I'm insane. Behind him I saw a couple. Probably a new family to Pauwau, Iowa and wanting to enroll their poor freshman child.

"Oh, no one. I was just thinking about joining drama. It was something I read in a book once." I said simply and smiled at him.

He smiled back. "Mr. and Mrs. Carey, this is one of our best students, Eris Doty. Eris, could I ask you a favor?" Mr. Olmstead questioned.

"Anything to stay out of class," I joked.

Mrs. Carey giggled and Mr. Olmstead chuckled. "There is a boy roaming the halls of the school. Do you think you could give him and adequate tour? I will dismiss you from all of your classes."

"Sure. I'll go look for him." I offered.

"He should be somewhere around the office, and he'll respond to the name Hadrain." Mrs. Carey stated.

"Okay, thank-you." I said. I gave them a smile before I shut my locker, walked down the long hallway, and turned to the right. Hadrian means dark one. The screaming voice whispered. I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around. I could feel the could presence of the screaming man all around me. He had finally spoken, and it had taken the name Hadrian to get him to do it.

"What did you say?" I asked slowly.

Hadrian means dark one.

I let out a slow, shaky breath. "Okay, what relevance does that have?" I questioned. As soon as I asked, the cold air drifted away. The screaming faded to nothing. Once again, I was racked with no ideas or clues on how to aid myself with this project.

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