It's a Love Poem

A Valentine’s Day poem was found by Azalea Rose at her seat in the lunch room during the morning. The story goes back and describes how the poem came to be written and then moves forward to show how Azalea Rose responds as a result of finding it. Does a relationship ensue? Does it end well? Only you know the answer.

This will be written in the first pov. Other characters are Violet (AKA Vee), Ivy, Connor, and Henry mainly, with some others.

Chapter 1

Just A Normal Valentine's Day Morning..Well Maybe Not

First Point of View From Azalea Rose

I woke up on the morning of Februrary 14th to my alarm clock going off. BEEP BEEP BEEP. I sighed mixed emotions whirling around inside me as I pressed off and stood up. I had excitement spreading through my veins because it was Valentine's day. However, something inside me told me it was just going to be another normal day when my crush, Connor Lincoln ignores my presence.

But then again, it's Valentine's day, anything could happen. I reached the bathroom finally, turned the water on and got ready for the day. My normal routine didn't change. It consisted of showering, drying, brushing my hair, getting dressed, brushing my teeth and whatever else needed to be done in the morning I did.

My outfit today consisted of black yoga pants, a pair of light brown UGGs and a white sweater with a red heart. I went down to the kitchen when I was a hundred percent sure I was done with everything.

There I saw my family scattered. Like any normalm Valentine's day/morning. My parents were on opposites side of the room from a fight they had at dinner last night. My brother was doing homework at the last minute like always and my youngest sister was jumping off the walls from the sugar she had in her cereal.

I sat down on one of the stools and looked at my disfunctional family and bit my lip as toast popped out of the toaster and i took it and buttered it up and ate. Right when I finished the last bite, my mom grabbed my sister's hand and kissed mine and my brother's head and spoke, "have a good day at school"

My brother, named Rick then nodded, "will do."

He grabbed my hand and started leading me to his car. I was 16. He was 18. Both of us had our driver's liscense so why did he always get the car? Oh right because he was older and my dad favored him because he was the only boy and played football. Typical Teenage American Boy.

My brother drove off to our school, as it came into view. I read the name on the Welcome sign. Welcome to Carlson High, the safest highschool in New York

Once my brother pulled into the parking lot, I fixed my brown wavy hair and ignore my boring hazel eyes before getting out of the car and walking away from my brother as his senior friends came over to him.

I reached the cafeteria/lunch room and grabbed an orange juice and went to my normal table in the corner to see my best friend, Vee. Her bouncy red curls looked even curlier today and her green eyes were full of excitement. She was always this hyper on holidays. Even holidays that weren't a big deal like Valentine's day.

She grinned and spoke quietly, "nicewinterdayisn't"

I nodded, "For Winter yeah"

I took a sip of my orange juice and clutched the bottom of my seat when I felt a piece of paper and blinked as I pulled it out. It was an old, wrinkled faded paper. Vee tilted her head, "what's that"

I shrugged, "don't know"

She smiled, "Open it!"

I nodded and unfolded the fragile piece of paper carefully, scared I would rip it if I didn't and read the note.

For My Dearest Valentine
You are the sun that leads me
to the light when everything is bleak

You are the one star that
sparkles brighter then any other
in the sky. Will you ever be mine?

You are always my last breath
when I go to sleep at night and
my first breath when I wake up for the day

Everything in this world doesn't matter
unless I have you. So the purpose of this
poem is.. Will you be my Valentine?


I whispered, "Whoa"

Vee frowned and took the poem from my shaking hands and looked at me as she read it and smirked, "Aww sweet! you have a secret admirer!"

I rolled my eyes, "yeah right from who?"

She scoffed, "Connor Lincoln obvious"

He walked in, like saying his name was a cue. His perfect short brown hair matched his perfect sky blue eyes. I watched as he walked over to his friends on the football/baseball/basketball team and greeted them laughing about his morning's events.

I whispered, "maybe this isn't a normal Valentine's Day"

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