Don't You Know I Hate When Girls Say~A One Direction Fanfiction

We all have our secrets,even we glee club girls.We have ours;do you have yours?

Chapter 1

Virginia Reya

Name-Virginia Reya Frey


The sun shone through one of the sky lights at Woodbridge Senior High School,in Prince William County,Virginia. The students filled the hall ways. My messanger bag slung from my shoulder and a Starbucks coffee was in my hand. My Converse sneakers made a blunt noise against the cement tile floor as I aproached the show choir room. My Iphone buzzed in my back pocket. I entered the room,quietly and slyly shutting the door behind me. Sitting down in a chair in the empty,silent room,I slid my phone from my pocket and excepted the FaceTime request.

"Hey,love!"Zayn's deep Bradford accent escaped the speaker,echoing into the room.

"Hey!How much time do you have?"I smiled.

He glanced towards the door,he was sitting in the choir room at Richard M Milburn High School,another school here in Prince William. However,their glee club was One Direction,our rivals. Our glee club,Young Trinity,is known for their rivalry with One Direction. You see,I have a secret. Zayn,the very sexy member of One Direction,is my boyfriend. We've been together since the first time One Direction competed against Young Trinity,Nationals three years ago. We've kept quiet,dated behind everyone's backs,because neither group would be happy about our little secret romance.

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