Avengers pick up lines

I saw these and they must be shared!!

Chapter 1

The super soldier-and Hawkeye- And LOKI- and Iron Man.

Captain America: When they made me a Super Soldier all my muscles grew.

Captain America: In my early years I beat the Nazi's. When I joined the Avengers I beat Ultron. Last week I beat the Whirlwind. Care to be the first to beat me?

Captain: Hello, my name's Steve, I would be honored if you'd join me for a rave, what I've been told is this era's equivalent to the sock hop.

Captain America: Wanna help me raise my flag?

Captain America: I have a powerful weapon made of the strongest material on earth, I also have this shield.

Captain America: Other countries aren't free, I am.

Hawkeye: My longest arrow isn't my quiver.

Hawkeye: I've got the arrow,you've got the bulls eye.

Hawkeye: My bow isn't the only thing with deadly accuracy.

Hawkeye: When I'm out of arrows, I practice with other long range projectiles.

Loki: You can fall off the BI-FROST,You can fall out of a tree,But mortal the only way you'll really be happy is if you kneel before me.

Loki: I'll kneel for you, if you return the favor.

Loki: You look like the future queen of Asgard.

Loki: You don't need a tesseract to open my portals.

Loki: Why don't we call it Glorious AND lengthy?

Loki: So, what do you crave besides subjection?

Loki: Oh, I can think of one version of this where I come out on top!

Loki: KNEEELLLL!!! ... and while you're down there....

Loki: Your ledger isn't the only thing dripping and gushing, now is it?

Loki: What was that about "Performance" Issues?!

Loki: Oh I have a very specific skill set as well. Would you like to try it?

Loki: You must be a frost giant, because time froze when you walked in the room.
Loki: I have more then one staff that will render you powerless

Loki: I was abandoned will you "Adopt" me?

Iron Man: Care to test out the suits new penetration system?

Iron Man: I'd like to have 12% of a moment with you,baby.

Iron Man: You know. A science lab isn't the only place to experiment.

Iron Man: I don't play nice with others,but I'll play nicely with you.

Iron Man: Baby are you metal shrapnel? Cause I can feel you in my heart!

Iron Man: I am Iron Man,you may now remove your clothes.


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