A Something To Believe In (Joey Richter)

A Something To Believe In (Joey Richter)

Um, so. The idea for this story is super cliche, but its been swimming around in my mind forever! And I have written it previously, but that was a while ago so it's awful! So here it is in depth and hopefully its better... even though you haven't read the first version. And never will because it's super embarrassing.
I also hope the names in the first chapter aren't too confusing, because my best friend thought they were, but she's just silly and not that much into literature.


Chapter 1

Chapter One.

by: __adeline
I was silent.
What I just heard made the impression it was no big deal. But that was only because the reality hasn't sunken in yet, or the way my father announced it, but when I realized what was happened was happening to my family, I thought of all the changes we would be put through. It was painful to think about, so I stopped thinking about it.
I sighed, announcing to my parents with a strained voice I was going to my room. Without another word, I trudged out of the kitchen and climbed down the stairs to my bedroom. I slammed the door shut, and my dog jumped off his cushion on to my bed.
"Guess what, Batman?" I spoke to him, scratching behind his ear. "We're moving. To Michigan."

A few hours later, I fell into a reckless sleep.

I nodded.
"Where? Is it close by? Your dad's job can't move that far right?" My best friend got a familiar look of concern in her eyes.
I looked away. She was impossibly hopeless, and that made breaking the news to her ten times worse. "We're moving to Michigan, Nat."
Her eyes widened even more, until she blinked and a pool of tears fell onto her lap. She hunched forward and clutched my hands. "MICHIGAN?! WHERE THE HELL IS THAT?! IS THAT EVEN CLOSE TO PENNSYLVANIA?! BECAUSE THE LAST TIME WE TOOK THAT MAP QUIZ I FAILED, BUT I'M PRETTY SURE MICHIGAN ISN'T ANYWHERE CLOSE TO HERE."
"Natalie, can you be quiet please...."
She sniffed. "Do you have to go?"
"'Fraid so."
"But... you could just stay at my apartment..."
"Your apartment with two rooms and three kids?"
"It could work!"
I sighed. "Oh, Natalie."
"Oh, Diana."
I reached over to her tear-stained face. "Stop crying. If you cry, I cry, and I already did enough of it yesterday."
She let out a watery laugh. "I'm sorry," she wiped her snot on her sleeve.
"Need a tissue?"
"Just a little."
"Let's go inside. I'm not really hungry anyway."
"Me either. Well, that's another lunch wasted."

"When are you leaving?"
"I thought we weren't talking about this, Nat."
"Well we can't ignore it!"
I groaned. "I just don't wanna think about it right now. I know it seems like I'm taking it lightly but I... I dunno. I don't want to take it seriously, because maybe if I don't worry about it on the outside, it won't happen. Let's focus on the right now and the time we have left other than when I'm gone."
"That's the deepest thing I've ever heard you say, Anney."
"I know!"

"Diana, phone for you!"
I ran over to the bottom of the staircase and looked up at my mom, holding the home phone.
"Toss it!"
"Diana Grace, I am not throwing the only phone we own!"
"That rhymed!"
"Oh, destress yourself, Mother..." I jogged up the stairs and took the phone, avoiding my mom's evil eye. "Hello?"
"Oh, Diana, Diana... DIANA!" I recognized the familiar sobs of my best friend.
"What's up, Nat?"
"Y-your mom j-just t-told me y-y-your're packing! Packing!"
"That's what people do when they're leaving the state next Sunday, Nat."
She wailed. "I hate how chill you are."
"I told you before; I'll cry in two days."
"A-and I hate how unprepared you are - the freaking furniture trucks already came by your house and YOU JUST STARTED PACKING!"
"You know I always do things last minute!"
"I know but if you don't hurry they'll leave without you and... hey, maybe you shouldn't pack."

"Ohmygod ohmygod OH MY GOD."
"Shut the hell up please."
"I-I just can't believe this is happening...."
"Remember when we first met. Remember when I brought Batman home. Remember when Batman peed on you. Remember when we watched Batman with Batman. Remember your first boyfriend. Remember when I kicked his ass. Remember... remember all those times I can't bring up right now because I don't want to turn into a hot mess like you."
"Diana... we have to leave now," my dad called to me. His tone was solid. I have never heard him so serious.
I allowed a few more tears to pass my eyes. I ran my thumb over her cheek. "I love you, Nat. Call me everyday. Tell me how you are and how school's going and if anyone's treating you bad because I will hurt them... oh, Nat I am going to miss you so much."
"Stop! I'm a-al-already s-sobbing enough."
I hugged her so tight she let out the tiniest 'oof'.
"You are adorable and don't you forget it."
She couldn't produce words. She choked on her throat.She let out a croaky "I love you" I think.
"I'll miss you, doll. Try to hang in there without me, okay?"
She nodded,wiping her snot and tears on my sleeve. "There's something to remember me by."
"Diana, let's go."
"Get outta here, Anney. Go on. Don't let me get you in trouble."
I took her in my arms once more, hanging on. No words needed to be exchanged. That had already been done.
"Leave, crazy cat. I love you."
"Oh... I love you, too, crazy Nat."
Then, letting her go but gripping her hand tight. I slowly began walking away. The farther my feet carried me, the harder I held on. But I couldn't hang on forever.
I had to let go eventually.



an: Oh boys. Who's already attatched to their characters? I am, I am! Who cried while writing this first chapter? I did, I did! I know it was a bit on the bad side, but I promise it'll get better. Hopefully.


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