My mathatruckin Larry Rant (Larry Shipper)

Please dont comment if youre an Elounor shipper (but feel free to read) i quite frankly dont wanna hear what you think about Louis' pet beard k bye.

Chapter 1

Just hear me out.

Okay you guys, it's been brought to my attention a few people on Quibblo who are Elounor shippers are arguing with Larry Shippers and vice versa.
Right now im going to say it-Larry shippers are going to win because we arent blind and people who arent blind always tend to win in a fight because they have the advantage.
Why dont you sit your A-Double S' down right now and get whats coming for ya.
Harry's bird tattoos. Theyre lovebirds. Now, i was looking through some larry videos on the youtube (Btw i intentionally said THE youtube) when they pointed this out. Basically theres like this sign thing. Its just two hands giving each other a fistbump except with their thumbs up, like a thumbs up fistbump. Multiple times Louis and Harry do this little hand thing.
Not only is it Harry's tattoo of birds, but they have corresponding tattoos. Raise your hand if you recall Harrys little ship tattoo scene and we all freaked out because of Taylor -raises hand-. Yeah well does anyone remember that little compass that Louis' got?-raises hand again- Oh. Okay, maybe that could just be a coincidence, right?
Yeah, but, what gets me is, that airplane necklace that Harry used to wear. Somehow, there's that paper airplane tattoo, on Louis' arm.
Not enough tattoo proof yet?
Hi! and Oops. If you don't know how this corresponds to Larry whatsoever get out of my kitchen. Because even if you don't ship Larry, you should at least know the first things they said to each other. Okay, now this one, I'm not going to argue it, because it was just the first words they said to each other. But still, to remember those words at all is a bit...suspicious.
Harry has another tattoo that says '17Black'. Check this out.
-Clears throat- So yeah.
Let's move on to the topic of the worst couple I can even begin to imagine. You guessed, Elounor.
Constipated sheep mess. I mean, look!: If I was pretty enough to have a boyfriend I would NOT be concerned about whatever was in that general direction of the camera.
Unless my name was Eleanor Calder.
I mean, c'mon, why are you so stubborn????? Can you not see the fake clear as day on her face?
Face it, you've all wondered what Eleanor sounds like, correct? But, how many have heard her and have proof it is actually her? Not many at all. It's like she's scared to talk or something. Just fishy...
I just realized another tattoo, but it isn't a matching one with Louis.
"Things I can't" is tattooed on, I believe, Harry's left arm.
He also, on the same arm, has this. If you can't tell, that's a clothes hanger.
And where do hanger's belong?
In the closet.
And have you ever heard the saying "Coming out of the closet"?
True, there are other tattoos now on that arm that obviously don't mean he can't do whatever, but it's a clothes hanger.
A hanger.
Why would he get that?
And, quoting Harry, "All my tattoo's have a deep and specific meaning that I may or may not be willing to share."
Then, he's got this other tattoo, clearly in resemblance to the "Things I Can't" Tattoo:
By the looks of this picture, the right arm looks extremely empty, huh?
Of course it does you in denial Elounor shippers.
Let me introduce you to this girl Katie Ray, who, unbelievably, I tend to like. Well, sort of.
She seems to either be a stalker of Elounor or someone else. At my first look at this picture I literally thought she was some girl following them plotting to kill Eleanor, which, even though I don't like her, kind of scared me, because I don't not like her enough to want someone to murder her. But then, I stumbled across this during my research: Immediately I was reminded of the Sally girl from the cat in the hat and how the "Phunometer" read "Control Freak"
Richard Griffiths...Does this name ring anyone's bell?
He is the founder of Modest! Management. Now, I'm still not sure if this was just some gossip or something, but I find it quite interesting. Here's the link:
I'm going to take a short break from this rant, and I'm going to go find a bit of Elounor proof, just so I can counteract what is being given.

Okay I can not believe what I just read.
"Reason's why Louis and Eleanor will be forever together.
1-Larry is not real, Harry Styles responsible for Louis and Eleanor romance, Harry set them up."
You know, I really don't have much proof to say this isn't the truth. But I do have a very strong belief. Apparently Harry and Eleanor's friend worked at a bakery together. Harry supposedly met up with the friend with Louis, Eleanor was there, and bam, he hooked them up. But I thought Eleanor was from London? So, did Harry's friends' friend Eleanor come with her to X Factor to watch Harry perform? Either way, it's a bit sketchy.
"2-Louis admits he texted Eleanor's mom saying he wouldn't sleep around with other girls..."
What the hell.
How does that mean anything????
What if that was management.
Management could have stolen Louis' phone, or taken it while he wasn't looking, texted her mom. Maybe when he realized what had happened, Louis realized if he was asked about it, what would he do, deny it? No, of course not, not when it's such a good cover up.
Besides, guys say lot's of things that aren't true. I would know.
"3-Louis has revealed that his relationship with Eleanor is the most important thing in his life."
That doesn't even sound like something Louis would say. He has family. The fans. -cough cough-/HARRY/. Somehow I can't see him labeling anyone as 'most important'.
"4-Rihanna sang Happy Birthday to Eleanor."
At this point in the video I want to claw my eyes out. Their arguments are pointless.
If, whilst singing the song, Rihanna mentioned that it is Louis' girlfriend, take a moment and realize something.
Rihanna would be just as much in the dark about Elounor as everybody else is supposed to be. She wouldn't know. She wouldn't be analyzing the difference between Elounor and Larry.
"5-He tells her how much he loves her on twitter all the time."
The last time that Louis tweeted Eleanor was over a month ago, December 12th 2012.
Last time he said I love you through twitter was November 17th 2012.
All the time. Yep.
"6-Louis and Eleanor bid for cutest couple"
How bout, uhm, no. It's a magazine article. Plus, is it fishy that Payzer and Zerrie are both on the list? Oh.
"7-Louis' mum loves Eleanor."
Little fvck3r no. Are you his damn mother? Should I trust you with what you say his mom feels, when there's not even any proof of her saying so?
"8-Louis says for one magazine 'I'm incredibly happy with the way me and eleanor are'"
Take a step back. I'm taking time to at least look through your filth of proof, why don't you go check out how Louis' face looks when he's with Eleanor compared to when he's with Harry.
"9-He has always protected Eleanor on twitter, denying the relationship with Harry, Larry is B.S"
I thought I have already been over this? Maybe not. I've been typing for literally more than hours so idr. But here it is. This is the best Larry video I have come across, and I get a lot of my fire from this video. Check out 0:16 into this video then pause it, because I may tell you to refer back to this in the future. That is my proof right there. 'Nuff said.
This next one ideven understand what happened bc its got like two or...idk.
"He has shown love for Eleanor in different ways, they are very happy, 10. They meet more often than others."
-pauses...glances around-I'm going to ignore the fact you make yourself look so unprofessional in this video.
Why don't you notice things like how often they spend time together? For months I didn't see any Elounor pictures that were recent until the New Year party.
By the way, I really want to know what you mean when you say "more than others" Like, than the other boys? Other celebrities? Or other people in relationships in general? You need to be specific darling.
At the end there's one of those "Elounor fact number _ things."
"#310 Louis gave Eleanor a stuffed elephant and told her to give it a squeeze if she ever missed him while he was on tour."
please, give me a link, proof, something so I'm not just going by what you say! What did this elephant look like? When particularly did he give it to her? Was it random, or had he noticed she'd been upset or something?

-shiver-I don't want to remember that video ever again.
Let's think here...
What proof is there Elounor is real?
I'm opening my eyes up. I'm not allowed to think negatively.
1:The fact that "Louis" does say he loves Eleanor on Twitter.
3:Oh, they kiss-wait...
4:But that one time, when they-no she had her eyes open...
5:BUT HE GAVE HER A BEAR-hold on....
The only thing I can think of that gives any proof whatsoever is that Louis does say he loves Eleanor.
But who are we to say, just like Louis said in the 'Read All About It' video, if it is the boys tweeting or someone who maybe works for them?
I just thought of something that you might try and throw at me saying, "It couldn't be management, Louis is the only one with access to his account, look you deranged Larry shipper!"To think this means it isn't Modest! saying this proves how dim-witted you are. You just never know who's really behind that computer screen. For all we know someone hacked Louis whenever he was drunk so he wouldn't be able to deny tweeting something because he doesn't remember.
And I know you guys aren't about to defend management, right?
Because that is a rant just waiting to happen.
Rebecca Ferguson had a lawsuit against Modest! for overworking her.
Has anyone noticed some of the boys overwork proof? Louis tweeted 'tired' this morning, my time, I believe. They've tweeted about 'long days rehearsing'

Look, Elounor shippers, just listen to me.
Just because Louis says something doesn't mean it is true. No, I'm not calling him a liar. But there's blackmailers out there, and after Rebecca admitting she collapsed, I wouldn't put anything past management. Other than that...what is there to go by? Because they're cute together? I admit, I think Eleanor is very pretty. So what? There's no chemistry that I can see. I just don't get it.

If you've liked this rant, thanks, if you haven't you just wasted your time reading it.
I may add onto it later, as things come up.

Peace out X


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