Call Me Big Brother - Hetalia NorIce fanfic

Just a short angst fanfic I wrote. ._. It's a one-shot.

Chapter 1

Call Me Big Brother

How much do you take for granted? Do you know how painful it is to lose somebody you once loved deeply? I bet you don't. You probably get mad at your sibling very easily, but you would regret it deeply if you lost them. Right now, I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my sibling, Lukas. Personification of Norway. My big brother. He's laying on the ground, badly injured after a war with Denmark. Denmark had won, sadly, leaving Norway wounded and disappointed. Leaving me, trying to stop the bleeding from his chest, stomach, and head. My tears were mixed with Norway's blood.
"Nor... Stay awake, please.." I mutter to him as I notice him beginning to slip out of consciousness. He obliges and slowly opens his eyes once more. A sigh escapes my lips as I press the cloth closer to his stomach. It's no use. His wounds are too deep and he's already lost too much blood. I note that his blood is staining the ground. I feel more tears fall. Norway is my brother. I wouldn't admit it before... But I love him. More than a brother.
"I-.. Ice.." Norway mutters painfully, "Am I.. Dead..?" My heart breaks as I tell him he isn't. "Oh... G..Good.. Iceland... C-.. Call me.. Big brother.."
"... Big brother... I love you..." I say shakily as tears fell down my cheeks and onto his chest.
Norway smiles softly, but his eyes close and he goes limp. No. He can't be dead. My sobs turn to screams. "NO! HE ISN'T DEAD! HE CAN'T BE DEAD!" Nothing to live for. Nothing to love. Nobody to love. Everything goes black.
Am I dead? No, still breathing. I wish I could be dead. I wish I could be dead in place of my brother. I wish Norway could be alive. I wish I was up in heaven with my brother, who I loved. Well... Maybe I could be. I slowly reach into my pocket and pull out my pocket knife. Yes... That's what I'll do. I put the knife to my wrist and quickly make a deep cut, then do it to the other wrist. I put the knife to my neck, tears falling, and whisper one phrase before I die. "See you soon, big brother."


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