This Is My Life~ Original Story

This Is My Life~ Original Story

Okay, This Is My Life is about a girl,named Haylie, who just moved to Pennsylvania. She moves and is greeted by the bullies in Mozart Middle School. Please read and comment if you want me to continue.
Theme Song: Pressure by Paramore

Chapter 2

The Time of Lunch

I went to every class, trying to be unseen, what did these people think of me, that I'm ugly? I haven't talked to anyone so I believe that is the only choice I have. I am hurt, these people haven't even said hi to me! So how could they just judge me so quickly. Their laughter was like a knife through my heart, slowly killing my happiness, taking me to the afterlife of sorrow. Finally the bell sounded indicating that it was twelve fifteen. Lunch time. The whole cafeteria will be full of people. Hopefully I just glide through it like a spirit, unseen by the naked eye.
That was my hope anyway. I shouldered my schoolbag and stood up from my seat. The students were a torrent of chatting, and swept me away to the lunch room. These people didn't have the nerves to apologize when they slammed me into a locker as they nudged me out of there way. A sharp pain went through my shoulder for a quick second. jerk is all I thought. I walked through the lunch room, begging there was an empty table. There wasn't. What was I to do now? I had no friends what so ever here. I looked around. I sat close to the wall next to a girl with her friends. " Why are you sitting here?" Said the girl, her voice was followed by some snickering.
" Sorry, this was the only empty seat."
" Well hate to break it to you. But you're unwelcome here. I suggest sitting somewhere else."
With that I decide to get up. It was no use arguing, I walked out of the cafeteria and roamed the halls. Finally my legs buckled and I fell to my knees. Maybe I was being over dramatic, but that's what I do when I cry, and a flood of tears flooded from my eyes. I cursed at that snip in my mind. She treated me like a piece of dirt! I should have stood up for myself, but that was to hard. I was just a dog to her, one that ended to follow her every command. That thought made me sob even more.

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