This Is My Life~ Original Story

This Is My Life~ Original Story

Okay, This Is My Life is about a girl,named Haylie, who just moved to Pennsylvania. She moves and is greeted by the bullies in Mozart Middle School. Please read and comment if you want me to continue.
Theme Song: Pressure by Paramore

Chapter 21

Witch's Cousin

After school I ran home, my mom was at work, go figure. I ran inside crying hysterically. I put my keys on the desk by the front door and my eyes found something, a Swiss army knife. I grabbed it without thinking and opened it. I pressed the knife to my thumb, I winced as it cut my skin. I continued what I started until my thumb was a bloody messed. I wiped the blade with a tissue and went to the pointer figure, after that the middle finger. I wiped the blade one last time and ran up to my room. My fingers burned but I didn't care. I deserved it. I deserve the pain emanating from my fingers.
My laptop beeped. I left it on all day. Breester101 wants to video chat the screen message said. I wiped my fingers with a tissue but the bleeding didn't stop. I pulled on a hoodie and held on tightly to the sleeve. I accepted the chat, "Haylie! Omg it's been so long. Are you alright?" Bree said, her smile faded.
"I want to go back to Florida! It's hell here!" I cried.
"What are the doing to you?"
"A lot of things, I get scared to leave the house, Bree!"
"Haylie, calm down!"
"How can I? I have to go to this school everyday!"
"Your strong, Haylie, you can get through it!"
"I'm not as strong as I used to be."
My laptop beeped again, Alice. I absent kindly accept and a second window popped up next to Bree, "whose that?" Bree asked.
"Uh, that's Alice..."
"One of your friends?"
"Yeah. Haylie, why are you crying? Was it Selene again?" Alice asked
"Selene?" Bree asked, "Wait. Does she have the last name Decarto?"
"Damn, I'll talk to her for you, Haylie."
My eyes widen, "You know her?" I choke.
"She's my cousin, she makes fun of me whenever she comes to visit. But I'm close to her mom. I'll talk to her."
"No, Bree, I don't want you to get involved."
"Nope," she popped the 'p', "To late!"
Bree logged off and I sighed. Bree Is going to get herself in trouble! How can she be Selene' s cousin? They are nothing alike!

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