This Is My Life~ Original Story

This Is My Life~ Original Story

Okay, This Is My Life is about a girl,named Haylie, who just moved to Pennsylvania. She moves and is greeted by the bullies in Mozart Middle School. Please read and comment if you want me to continue.
Theme Song: Pressure by Paramore

Chapter 3

Time For Reflection

Finally I thought, the bell rang, I can go home! I basically ran to my locker to get my coat. I climbed into my mother's car. "Hi sweetie, how was your day." She asked
" Just hit the gas pedal, I want to get away from here. I'll tell you at home." I said quickly.
" I guess that you don't like this school."
" Can we please go home!" I was on the verge of tears again.
Finally mom started the car and we were home in about ten minutes. I ran inside. " "Honey, what happened today?"
" It was just horrible! Absolutely horrible!"
" What happened."
" Everyone was just a bunch of jerks!" With that I ran up stairs and stomped into my room. This wasn't me, I never yelled at my mother, never! I thought, what will I do tomorrow? I can't just skip school, and even if I did, what about the next day, I can't skip school for the whole year! I can't turn invisible, so what will I do! I can't let them win, not on the first day! But I can't let them get away with it!
That girl meant what she said, I really was unwelcome there, I could feel it. By the way everyone treated me, by the way they laughed at me without even meeting me! Without getting to know me! How could they! I am not a piece of dirt they can walk on, so why was I acting like one! It's not hard to conclude that Mozart Middle School is not going to be the school for me, all year I'll be crying and sulking. Mom says that seven grade is quote " The arm pit of middle school" and that meant that seventh grade stinks, but that everyone that is being bullied will not be in eighth. But by what I saw today, I don't think my bullying will stop next year, it will just be the same. NO! I have to believe that next year will be better! It's only the middle of seventh grade! I can't make conclusions about next year, not yet!

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