Chapter 1

Isis and her depression: EXPLAINED

Alright I know she said this not meaning to be mean or piss me off but someone said on my wall:

Lol okay I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure that if a girl keeps teasing you for her forgiveness she's not worth it...I know its none of my business and I'm sorry, I just had to put that out there. Sorry again.

K soooooooo! I am pretty fluckin PISSED. You guys dont know all of why she and I are like this. Her boyfriend is just as suisidal as she is. SHE IS JUST BEING THERE FOR HIM. He nearly committed suiside and then he met her. She did the same thing for him that she did when she came into MY life. She suffers from some serious depression. It comes on her in waves. Its cyclical or whatever! I told the girl who made the comments about my Isis: " >:( Whale she happens to be the sweetest, funniest, kindest girl I have ever met. I love her, got it?! SHE IS MY EVERYTHING. MY BEST FRIEND. SHE WAS JUST GOING THROUGH ANOTHER FRICKIN WAVE OF DEPRESSION. Learn all the facts before making judgements. "
I'm sorry if that OFFENDS you people. No one, and I mean NO ONE will pass judgement on relationships that I have with the people I care about. Guys, the moral? Dont pass judgement on Isis (the girl who argued with me and stuff) or me. Dont tell me that what she does or doesnt do is wrong or right. GET THE FACTS OR DONT SAY ANYTHING BECAUSE ALL YOU END UP DOING IS MAKING ME FEEL MORE AND MORE LIKE THE HUMAN RACE IS BEOND REPAIR. Please. Just dont. It also, since you people are so insensitive, made another wave of depression come FRICKIN EARLY.
If you wanna get pissed, message me or leave a comment. Who agrees that people should stop judging others because of a stupid fight? Anyone disagree? Comment


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