New Girl (Harry Styles Story)Finished.

Okay,I'm trying something new.And hard.

All comments are welcome,but please don't be mean.

Chapter 1

New School

I push my brown hair out of my face as I walk through the door.A new school for me.The new toy,as one might say.Yeah.I'm quite smart,but yeah.I open my new locker and stuff my bag in there and take out my notebook.I slam my locker and sigh.If my Mom hadn't decided to quit her job and create a new fashion company,I would be back my old school with my old friends.I do love fashion like my Mom,but I don't love moving schools.My Mom and Dad split up and I ended up with my Mom.So I have to move with her.I'm 17 right now.As I'm about to walk away,something catches my eye.

5 boys walk into the school,late.They look like bad boys.Everyone backs away.Why?I don't understand.Why be scared of five wannabe bad boys?There's no point.Everyone still flees and backs into lockers.I stand my ground.One of them locks eyes with me and glares.I just smirk back.He scans my face then turns round and keeps walking.I walk off annoyed with him.Did he expect me to be scared of him?Well that guy should grow up.The World doesn't revolve around him.I find my room and walk in."Ahh.You must be Yasmin Beadison."The teacher says.

"I'm Mr Quimby.You can sit there."he says pointing at a desk.I walk over and sit down."Hey,I'm Emma."the girl next to me grins.
"That stunt you pulled in the hallway,that was risky."she whispers.
"When One Direction walked past."
"Who now?"
"Bad boyz"
"Stick with me.They don't bother with us."
"Kay."I smile a bit.Made a friend.

The door opens wide and one of the "Bad Boyz" struts in."Mr Styles.You're late."Mr Quimby states.
"Oh am I?"he says sarcastically.
"If you're going to make a habit out of this,I'll phone your parents."
"Make that a habit."
"Take a seat."So he shoves someone off a seat and walks off with it."What are you doing?"
"Taking a seat."
"Just sit in your seat."He dilly-dallies over to the back and his eyes finds me.I keep the stare."Mr Styles.Look at the board."Mr Quimby scolds.Harry scowls at me and looks down.

"So next we have break."Emma says.
"This is a lot different to my old school."I mutter.
"Yeah this school is classed as weird."
"Who are they?"I asked pointed at the 5 wannabes.
"The one with the buzz cut,that's Liam Payne.He's the less meanest one,but he's mean.The blonde one is Niall Horan.He's Irish and never stops eating.He gets suspended a lot.The one with the dark hair,that's Zayn Malik.He's murky mysterious,but mean.The one with the messy brown hair is Louis Tomlinson.He's the most annoying verbal one.And the curly one is Harry Styles.He plays girls,he abuses girls and is so mean.His emerald green eyes are sweet,but it's a monster on the inside.Do not get mixed up with them."

We sit down under a tree."Camouflage.School is like a jungle.We just need to blend in and no one messes with you."
"At my old school,I was kinda popular for my fashion designs,but never popular popular.
"Cool."she smiles.Then gasps as the supposedly "One Direction" wander over here.
"So your the new girl."Harry says,
"And your the wannabe bad boys.Are we done?"I respond quickly making Emma gasps.
"What's wrong Ella?"Louis mocks.
"F.Y.I it's Emma."I defend.

"Did it look like I was talking to you?"Louis asks his face hardening.
"Did it look like she wanted to talk to you?"I ask.
"Keep your mouth shut or we'll shut it for you."Harry says.
"Oh will you,how?"I raise an eyebrow.
"If you were smart,you'd shut up and blend in."Louis says.
"Maybe I don't wanna be a little puppet you can control.I'm not a pawn in your stupid little game.You can't get me to do what you want by trying to scare me.The World doesn't work like that."
"Stay out of our way."Harry glares as they stalk off.

"What was that?"Emma asks straight after.
"A conversation."
"I know that,but they scare everyone."
"Fear is psychological.It's not real.And they are idiots."
"You'd be a legend if anyone else heard that."
"What for?"
"Taunting THE One Direction."
"Yeah,come on we'll be late for the next lesson.

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