New Girl (Harry Styles Story)Finished.

Okay,I'm trying something new.And hard.

All comments are welcome,but please don't be mean.

Chapter 3

And it starts

"So the 3 most popular girls of the school are staring today."
"Are they late?"I ask Em.
"No they just got back from holiday."she replies as the 5 bad boys walk past with 3 beautiful girls.One is hanging on to Harry's arm.A pang of jealousy hits me in the gut.WHAT?He's a retard."So first lesson is cancelled cos of something weird.So let's get outside."Em says dragging me away.
"Fine."I moan.We get outside and sit under the tree.If One Direction come over again,I will snap.

"So who are they?"I ask pointing at them.
"Ever seen Mean Girls?"
"Well anyway,the blonde girl with bluey green eyes,that's Gabriella Rose.She's extremely pretty and stupid like Karen.She's just looks."
"See the brunette,that's Roxy Golder.Real name Rochelle.She's the less prettiest,but she always has the comeback.Upfront.She's in the 3 cos of that."

"And finally Glimmer Lexi.She's the Queen Bee.Harry's girlfriend since High School started.She's the prettiest girl in the whole school.There's 3 popular girls in each year,but Glimmer is the prettiest ever.Every girl wants to be her."
"Almost everyone."I intercept.
"Anyway,every normal girl wants to be her.She uses the other 2 to make her look prettier.Think about it.2 pretty girls,but one prettier girl makes her look prettier.She's the backstabber.No one ever challenges her or their life is bad."Emily flinches.

"Really?That bad."
"Yeah.It also means Harry won't bother you anymore.Also my other bff Kayla is starting.Cos her twin sister Layla writes for the school newspaper so the tripod let her hang around them and her parents let her skip until Layla goes back to school."
"Kayla will be here in 5,4,3,2,1."She says as a girl with blonde hair runs over.She's really pretty.

"So is this the new girl Yasmin?"
"Yep."Emily smiles.
"I don't get it."
"What?"I ask.
"You're a regulation hottie.You should be with Tripod and One Direction."
"Yeah with fake b.i.t.c.h.e.s and wannabe bad boys."
"My first reaction too."Emma grins.

"So One Direction are coming over."
"AGAIN!"I groan.
"Yeah.Harry must like you."
"Why?"I ask.
"Cos most girls like us,they ignore us.But you."Emma explains.
"No he's confused so he's trying to get me in his net of scared or in love girls."
"She profiles."Emma explains again.
"And in 5,4,3,2,1."

"Hey girls.Just here to invite you to a party tonight,my place,dress nice."Harry winks.
"Well sorry,but I don't want to come.Oh right,I'm not sorry,I'm happy."I smile sweetly.
"Well your friends might want to."Louis asks.
"No."they say together.
"Well to bad,pretty girls should be a popular parties."Harry winks again.
"Go back to your girlfriend."I smile.
"Maybe next time."
"Maybe never."I smile again while they walk away.

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