Chapter 1

God, life's a bĪtch

Okey day, so obviously, I am upset.

My mom's really sick and I hate listening to her cough constantly. Stupid fūcking customers.

Since she's exposed to a lot of customers, she's also exposed to their coughs and sicknesses.

My mom has been sick for four months. and honestly, I don't know when it'll leave.

I got the sniffles for a week and then I was okay.

it's spreading like the flu. Even some teachers are off leave.

And my family's having massive money issues. I can barely get anything.

Then my mom is so fücking lazy. She won't go anywhere and she can't find the decency to do anything.

I cannot wait until I can drive.

I see all these people rich as fück and getting all the things I want.

Life's not fair, I know.

Let me rant.

"God's supposed to be your savior.

If that's true, then why so much tragedies?

I hate it when people rant about it.

My mom and dad are like obsessed with it. and I hate it all. I refuse to believe -n it.

need solid proof he is doing something to try to help.

Don't fücking try.

and I am super super sad.

I hate it when I learn people are totally unlike them.

God, a million emotions are running through my head.

i'm also good at nothing.

I can't draw, sing, or dance.

you wouldn't even begin to imagine how desperately I crave to feel proud.

I can't.

My brother is a show off. he's always getting awards and metals and winning and I can't have any sense of individuality.

I fight with my dad every time I go up. I just get too upset

I want individuality.

There's so much people better than me.

I would do anything for just a meaningful comment.

Just random ones.

And I get none.
lease, anybody.

I want someone I can be eager to call. I can call them anytime. we keep great communication.

I want best friends. Like Connor, Ricky, Jc, and Ricardo's friendship.

like One Direction's broship.

But there's no one, I have learned.


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