Anyone up for a few Group Stories?

A couple of group stories.

Chapter 1

Group Story Number 1

Okay,I just kinda thought of doing this one now so it might be a kinda stupid idea(I saw this on someone else's group story,but changed it a little).
About 4 or 5,or if I'm 6 or 7 different kids(about 13-17)have all witnessed one crime each,their family either died in the crime,or were brought somewhere else and seperated.However,these children either don't get on well,are not used to the work are given at Bill and Mandy Reese's farm,missing their parents so very shy,they keep having dreams about the accident,or are suffering from some kind of phobia,etc etc.Eventually,though the children grow to love each other like family(or develop crushes later on in the story or before)and it all works out.Oh yeah,and one of us can be Bill and Mandy's son or daughter,and the new name will have to have the surname Reese or Greene(Mandy's surname),to be like a neice or nephew.
So if you want to sign up comment,here's the sign up:
Full Name;
New Name:
Nicknames(for new name and old one?:
Appearance(it might not be spelled right);
Crime Witnessed:
What they suffer from(if they are Bill and Mandy's child,they don't have to suffer from anything):
Other Info:

And finally,my character:
Full Name;Jack George Wayne
New Name:Oscar Graham Reese
Nicknames(for new name and old one?:Ossie for new one,J for old one.
Appearance(it might not be spelled right);Average height,short light brown hair,tan-ish skin,brown eyes.
Personality;Sarcastic,funny,loud,fast,kind-when you get to know him,smart enough.
Family:His Mom died when he was born,his Dad died of heartbreak soon after,he grew up in an orphanage so is used to work.
Crime Witnessed:Walking back to the orphanage after school when he suddenly heard a noise coming from a nearby apartment and decided to check it out,but when he did he saw a man stealing things,so she ran to the orphanage as fast as she could to tell someone.
Did their parents die or get seperated?:They were dead already.
What they suffer from(if they are Bill and Mandy's child,they don't have to suffer from anything):(This one's kinda stupid)Misses his best friend Darren a ton,so she doesn't really want to make any new ones.
Other Info:Is a serious tomboy,and refuses to go anywhere without her kitten,Simon.

Okay,once I have a few people signed up I'll make an author's place and send whoever signed up the message to get to the story ,then I'll make the story,after we've decided on a name.This is the first story of a few and I'll post more soon.Buh-bye!
Okay other characters so far:
Full Name: Alexandra Lily Willams
New Name: Grace Dakota Reese
Nicknames: Alex and Gracie or Dakota
Age: 14
Appearance: Long, Wavy Blond Hair, Bright Green Eyes, Slender, 5' 3", Pale Skin
Personality: Intelligent, Shy, Kind, Caring, Stubborn
Family: Shannon Williams (Mom), Anthony Willams (Dad), Nathaniel (Older Brother)
Crime Witnessed: A gunman shot her parents and her older brother, she was only 5 years old.
What they suffer from: Horrible, vivid dreams of that incident
Other: She has a Labrador Retriver named Nathaniel (In honor of her brother)

And Salocin is now ready!;
Here's for Story #1
Full Name; Gabriel Thompson
New Name: Kyle Reese
Nicknames (for new name and old one: Ky, Gabe.
Gender; Male
Age: 13
Appearance; He has dark blond curly hair, green eyes, and is 4’10 and 107lbs. He wears black skinny jeans, a black long sleeve dress shirt with a dragon in raised black on the back, and a dark red tie with little skulls and cross bones.
He also wears this vest Kenneth Cole Kids Set, Little Boy 3-Piece Set - Kids - Macy's and these shoes
Personality; He used to be very outgoing and had lots of friends; he was always rambling on about something or other. Now he doesn’t laugh, doesn’t smile, and doesn’t talk. Ever.
Family: Mother Stacy, Father Jerry, big Sister Sarah 17 and little twin Brothers Conner and John 10.
Crime Witnessed: Four men broke into their house one night and killed his family. He saw the beginning of it and heard the rest from upstairs. The men had broken in while his family was eating dinner; he had been sick so he was upstairs resting. The yelling brought him to the landing; after seeing what was happening he went to his sister’s room and called 911. It took them about twenty minutes to get there by that time his Father, Mother, Conner, and Sarah were dead; they had been about to go upstairs and look for him after Conner had accidently called out to him. Before they could the cops showed up. They killed John after they saw that the police were there. Two of the men escaped and the other two were killed for trying to shoot at the cops. It was found out the men were part of a gang and that it had been an initiation for the two younger ones, one of which was killed. He had been the younger brother of the leader’s best friend and right hand man.
What they suffer from: Nightmares about that night, he only gets a couple hours sleep. He is now deathly afraid of the dark and will only sleep with a lamp on next to his bed.
Other Info: He’s gay.

Full Name: Danalee Natalia Romanava
New Name: Brianca Dyana Greene
Nicknames: Bri, Bianca
Gender; Female (duh xD)
Age: 13
Appearance; Dirty blonde, glasses, green eyes, pale skin.
Personality; Usually nice person...
Family: Dad and mother: Dan and Daniella...
Crime Witnessed: Shot in the brain by drunk family member
What they suffer from: ADHD, left-hadedness xD
Other Info: Has never been much of an outside person, and has always been on Tumblr, bookworming, rollin xD

Full Name: Whitney Alice Smith
New Name: Joelle Rose Greene
Nicknames: Whit; Joe
Age: 14
Appearance: hazel eyes; dark brown hair; tanned skin; 5'5''
Personality: talkative, outgoing, prtotective, usually the one to "break the ice", loud-mouth sometimes
Family: Sydney Smith (mom), Ron Smith (dad), Maddi Smith (twin sister)
What they suffer from: when stressed, she has awful, head-splitting migraines within 5-10 minutes of the incident
Crime Witnessed: Her dad was a bankteller, and on his birthday, Whitney's mom and sister went to go surprise him. Whitney had to go pick up a dessert for celebrating on the way. When she reached the door, she saw through the glass her dad shot by robbers trying to get at the money, and then they shot her mother and sister because they couldn't have any witnesses. Whitney ran as far as she possibly could, called the cops, then passed out from a migraine.

Full Name; Desiree Robinson
New Name: Ashliegh Samantha Reese
Nicknames(Old) :Dez, Dessy, Ray, Sissy
Gender; Female
Age: 12
Appearance; Long light Brown hair (Pretty), Big blue eyes, Skinny, 5'3"
Personality; Shy, Quiet, Seems Nervous Alot
Family: Stacy Robinson, Freddy Robinson, Ricky(older bro), Kyle(older bro)
Crime Witnessed: Dad was loony. One night he went crazy while Dez was out. When she returned, he was chasing her Oldest brother around. Her other brother (kyle) hid her in a closet. All she heard for 1 hour was gunshots and screaming. A police officer was forced to kill her dad in the end. Has been quiet ever since.
What they suffer from: Maniaphobia, Pnigophobia, Cleithrophobia, Dishabiliophobia, and Clausterphobia.

I guess the sign ups are closed unless there are any late entries...

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