Rebellion - Original Futuristic Group Story

Rebellion - Original Futuristic Group Story

In 3078, after a gigantic 50 year war between countries across the world, North America has been split into six regions. Each region is ruled by a ruthless dictator, and one day, after a rule gone too far, 6 teens become seriously pissed off, and plot to have a rebellion. They use their talents to fight, but will they win? Will they learn to compromise? And, will they die for their beliefs?

Chapter 1

Kenny Hitachkin

by: 68687
It was raining. Like always in Region Three.

I walked with my battered, old, black knap-sack hanging on my left shoulder. I looked down at the cracked, slippery road. The people in the old crumbly buildings on either side of the road tried to keep warm.

My region was harsh.

After a long day in the rubber factory, I can finally head home. It's ordered by the Governor that any person above the age of 12 has to work at the factory. My region is responsible for rubber, gas and coal.

The air was horrible here, most people died before they could work. I was lucky, my parents weren't.

I see the end of the road and to the right there is a little muddy trail. I follow the trail, and at the end of it is my little shack.

It is very small, just one room. The roof is leaky and the windows are cracked. But its home.

I open up the creaky door, and let my backpack fall to the ground. As soon as I get my old, muddy boots off, I collapse onto the mattress lying on the floor. It groans under my weight. I pull my coat around me, wrapping it, trying to conserve the warmth.

It wasn't much. I had it the worst here. No parents, hardly any money other than the little wages that I get every week at the factory, my stomach is practically touching my back-bone. I can easily count my ribs.

If I'm lucky, I can find some sort of squirrel or rodent and kill it with my small dagger. But the worst of all is the poorest of the poor who would beg at the Governor’s back door for scraps. I hate doing that, I try not to. But I can tell you its better than the little bits of bread you could find in the bakers trash bins.

My parents died when I was seven, and that was some of the most horrible parts of my life. I stayed with a friend, until she died. The population of Region Three is somewhere around 2000 people. It's the world to me.

Sometimes I wonder what's outside the tall 25 feet tall grey, crumbling walls. I know that there are five other Regions and they probably have it better than Region Three. Of course, probably the other half of the world is better. I have been taught in school (For the four years I attended), that there are other places, that there is an ocean, and that there are other people in the world. But, no one really knows anything else.

The world has been split apart; no one can trust anyone nowadays. I don't trust anyone. I don't talk to anyone. Rule number one in Region Three: Trusting = Death.

And I hate it. I hate it that the stupid Governor rules over this Region. We do have someone superior to the Governor, but no one, other than the Governors, knows who he is. He is in the middle of the regions. It's like a Hexagon, the way the Regions are split. And in the middle, there is the Palace.

The Palace is where all the Governors meet to talk over rules and laws with the Ruler. It is a magnificent structure; I've seen pictures of it on bulletin boards in the Factory.

But still, I'd like to get out of this hell-hole. People die from the horrible air and starvation here almost every week. It's the worst out of the Regions, is what my co-workers at the factory say.

Sometimes, a lot of us would like to just rebel. Throw the stupid bricks of rubber at the Governors and the Ruler's head. Take action. But everyone knows that to attempt that, is to court death.

I'm Kenny Hitachkin, and here in Region Three, we had it difficult. But I want to fight back. But, I have no idea how.

A/N: LOL I ACCIDENTLY MADE THE ORIGINAL INTO A SINGLE AUTHOR STORY SORRY! XD That's the first chapter for my group story! Next up is bored_chic1002 or something like that XD I hope it was good ;) C,R,F!

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