After some time- A Draco Malfoy love story

Hey Guys!
Main character
Ariella Greyson, nickname Ari
Appearance: Black straight hair down to back, brown eyes
House: Gryffindor
Blood: Pureblood
Siblings: One older brother, year above name Tye Greyson
Best friends: Harry, Hermione, Ron.
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Note: Major scenes and characters do not belong to me

Chapter 1

The Beginning

There I was, another day, another goal to face.
I'm a fifteen (almost) year old girl studying what muggles say isn't real 'magic'
My story lies within the magic walls of a school called Hogwarts. Sounds funny? I know. But it was the best place ever...

It was the summer holidays and I was bored as usual, I wanted to go back to Hogwarts. It was my home, REAL home. I have known about magic since birth, considering both my parents and brother also have magic.
I was dazing outside looking at the sinking sun, sitting near my bedroom window, when there was a knock on the window and I saw Josie, my owl with a piece of parchment tied to her foot.
I smiled and opened the latch of the window so she could get in. I untied the note.
Hey Ari!!
We miss you loads!
Hope your ok!
Mum has got us tickets for the Qudditich World Cup and was wondering if you want to come.
You can stay with us for the rest of summer.
Please come, we're missing you.
Reply ASAP.
Oh and Hermione and Harry are here too!
Love Your best friends and The Weasley's

"Yay!" I screamed without realising it and ran down the stairs to ask my parents.
"Mother! Mother!" I yelled looking around the house l, when I finally find them both sat in the living room.
"What is it, Ari?" My Mother asked, looking at me like I was loopy.
"Oh! Can I please go to the Qudditch World Cup with my friends?" I asked, pleading. "It's the Weasleys, Mrs Weasley said I could stay with them for the rest of summer, could I please?"
"Course you can!" My Father said smiling.
"Thankyou Father!" I said and then looked at my Mother for her approval.
"Yes, you may go!" She said smiling at me
"Yay! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! Love you!" I said jumping up and down and diving my parents in for a hug. I gave them a massive hug.
"Well, what's going on here?" I heard none other than my brother Tye asking.
I let go of my parents and turned to see Tye, I smirked at him.
"I'm going to the Qudditch World Cup!" I said beamingly. Tye looked at me in his 'no way' face. "Yeah!" I said.
"No fair! I want to go!" Tye said.
Tye didn't get tickets because he had his apparition test on the same day because he was awful at apparating he had to take more lessons and take his test in the summer holidays. I felt sorry for him really.
"Haha! I'm going!" I said.
"What? Mother and Father said yes?" He asked not believing me.
He looked at my parents for assurance.
"Yes we did, sorry honey but you know it's important for you to apparate properly." Mother said to him.
Tye laughed,
"It's ok! As long as my little sister is happy, so am I!" He said and grabbed me into a tight hug.
"Can't breathe." I said gasping, he let go of me. "Love you bro!"
"Love you too sis!" He said.
I ran up the stairs and wrote back.
Hey guys!
Thankyou so much for the offer! i can come to the World Cup and stay with you for the rest of the summer too!
Thank you again
Ari x

I tied the note to Josie's leg, she hooted happily for something to do and soared through the sky. Finally! something worthwhile happening this summer!
It was getting dark so I decided to get some sleep, I went down stairs and bade my parents goodnight then went next back upstairs to the bedroom opposite mine, to my brother.
I knocked at went in,
"Hey! You okay?" I asked closing the door behind me and looking at my brother who was finishing his practice for apparition.
"Hey! I'm Great!" He said as I plopped myself on his bed.
"You'll be fine! You've improved since your first exam." I said knocking confidence in him.
"I know I'll be fine! I'm going to be better than you at this!" He said cockily.
"Oui!" I said launching a pillow at him, he was quick to dodge it. "I'm going to do it first time, you watch!"
"Yeah, yeah!" He said and threw a pillow back at my face.
"No! No! No!" I said launching two pillows at the same time. They hit him on his head. I laughed to myself.
I saw another coming for me so I dodged it, he kept throwing them at me but I dodged them all as I made my move for the door.
"Bye!" I shouted and yanked the door open then closed. I heard the pillows hit the door.
"Night Tye!" I shouted laughing to myself.
"Night Ari!" He shouted back at me.
I walked back to my room, oh how I loved my brother to bits!
I got dressed brushed my teeth and hair and instantly fell asleep in my bed.

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