Harry Potter One-Shots (Staring You!)

Chapter 18

Try To Stop Me (Oliver Wood)

(I don't know why I thought a bludger was what you score with when it is obviously a quaffle XD. I went back and fixed it.)

You were going so fast.

"Just a little closer." You said to your self.

There was a Gryffindor, Angelina Johnson, clutching the quaffle in front of you. You could hear you fellow Slytherins begging you to slow down. They screamed warnings at you as they trailed behind at a much safer speed. You couldn't slow down, though. You had to get the quaffle, you had to score, you had to win.

Angelina's broom started to backfire and she tumbled to the ground. You reached out as far as you could. The quaffle bounced off the ground and came right back up into your arms. You laughed to yourself. What a stupid bitch. You'd think she would have made sure her broom was working good before the game.

"Alright now I just have to get this by that kid, Wood." You said making a sharp turn.

You flew even faster towards Oliver. Getting the quaffle is easy. Getting it past Oliver...a little harder. You neared the hoops and with an amazing throw. You sent it flying, with flames shooting off the end.

"AN AMAZING THROW BY ONE OF SLYTHERIN'S BEST CHASERS!!!" Lee Jorden announced over the speakers.

All the Slytherins burst into applause as the quaffle went through the hoop and Slytherin was awarded ten points. Putting them ahead of Gyffindor. You had finally showed Oliver Wood you were better than him.

Wait, Oliver wasn't even at the hoop. Where was he? Just then you realized how close you were to the hoop. You crashed into it before you even had a chance to stop. You gritted your teeth as you felt bones in your arms crack. You head slammed against the hoop. Your felt something wet and warm run down your face. You grabbed a hold of the hoop and held on for dear life as your broom fell to the ground.

Everything went black.

When you awoke you found yourself in a dimly lit room lying on some kind of cot. You sat up quickly and wished you hadn't. You felt like your brain was trying to pound it's way out of your skull.

"Woah! Easy there. You had quite a nasty crash." Someone said gently pushing you back down.

You couldn't force your eyes open all the way and everything you saw was fuzzy, but that accent...you'd know it from anyone. Damn that boy...Oliver. You couldn't even think his name without being disgusted.

You felt his hands running over your thighs and you started fidgeting. How dare he put his hands on you. Especially so close to your...

"Stay still." He said trying to hold you down.

You tried to sit up, but his strong hand was on your chest firmly pressing you down. Just enough so that you couldn't move, but not enough to hurt you.

You finally got your eyes to open and you could feel your strength slowly returning. You really started to put up a fight. You pushed against him. Your hands were on his stomach. You couldn't help, but notice how easy it was to feel his abs through his black turtleneck. Which he looked so sexy in.

Wait! What were you thinking? He was your worst enemy. You couldn't think of him like that.

"Will you stop struggling! I know you hate me, but unless you would like to have to attend the next game with two broken legs..I suggest you put aside our differences for now."

You thought about that a few seconds before giving up. You felt a painful snap. He probably had used Skelegrow on you. This was going to be a painful night.

"I bet you'd rather me play with two broken legs. That way Gryffindor would have a better chance of winning." You said glaring at him.

He looked confused. "What? Why would you think that?"

"Oh don't play dumb with me Oliver! You moved out of the way so I wouldn't hit you when I crashed!" You shouted at him.

"Your insane." He said laughing. "I was behind you trying to slow you down, but you were going so fast I didn't have enough time."

You stared at him shocked. "But...why? I thought you hated me."

"I don't hate you. I thought you hated me."

"All this time we've both hated each other for no reason."

"Huh...I guess we have."

"Well, I guess we could...I don't know...be friends." You said.

You really didn't know what was going to happen now that you had no reason to hate him.

"Why do we have to just be friends?" Oliver asked smiling.

You stared up at him not knowing what to say.

He chuckled. "Seems your at a loss for words darling."

You felt your cheeks heat up.

Oliver leaned in and his lips pressed gently against yours. our eyes slowly closed as the kiss pulled you into your own world. This boy was so amazing. You felt another one of the bones in your legs snap. Your gripped his shoulder and he pulled you even deeper into the world where he was yours and only yours.

When you broke apart something was different...you still felt like you were in that world.

"__, I love you."

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