Harry Potter One-Shots (Staring You!)

Chapter 2

This Is What happens When A Ginger Gets Drunk (Fred Weasley)


You woke up to feeling your bed shake. You opened your eyes and found yourself face-to-face with Fred Weasley.

"Fred? What are you doing in here?" You asked.

He leaned in and kissed you. You could taste, and smell, bear on his breath. You pushed him off of you and got up.

"Your drunk!" You said.

"Your sexy." Was his reply.

"Ugh! Fred, I told you not to go to that party! Where's George?"

"He's uh, at the dark forest...with Angelina." He said.

You gasped. "You mean they're...Oh my Merlin!"

You could not believe George would be so reckless. What if he got her pregnant, or what if something attacked them out there. Who would be there to help them. You had to go...even if you might see something you really did not want to.

"C'mon! We have to go stop them!" You said turning around and running to the door.

"No stop!!" Fred shouted pulling out his wand. "Defigo!"

You tried to turn the knob, but it wouldn't budge.

"What did you do that for?" You asked putting your hands on your hips and turning to him.

"Did I ever tell you how sexy that looks?" He asked standing up and walking over to you.

Your cheeks turned bright red as he grabbed your shirt and forced it over your head. You weren't even wearing a bra. You covered yourself up with one arm.

"Give that back!" You shouted reaching for your shirt with the other.

He held it above his head. You stood on your tiptoes reaching for it. Your body was rubbing against his making you even more uncomfortable than you already were. You'd never get that shirt. Fred was so tall.

You gave up and walked over to your bed grabbing your housecoat and slipping it on.

"C'mon, Love. Don't make this so difficult. You know you want it." He said stumbling over to the bed.

He fell down onto it and grabbed you before you could move away.

"Maybe so, but not now. Not while your drunk." You said trying to pry his fingers off your wrist.

"I only had one bear." He said tightening his grip.

"How big was the bear?"


"I rest my case."

You started pulling away from his. His grip was pretty solid though. You just couldn't get away.

"__ I love you."

"I love you, too! But your drunk. You'll wake up tomorrow thinking it was a mistake. Just like George did."

"I'm not George."

"Your his twin."


"I'll have to wake up every morning seeing you! Acting like you didn't hurt me! I can't go through that with both of you!"

He yanked you onto the bed and rolled on top of you. "I can promise you that's not going to happen!"


"First promise me you'll let me have you."

"I can't!"


"...I PROMISE!!! Happy?"

He grabbed his wand and pointed it at himself. "Soberus."

Fred's cloudy eyes cleared up and you knew he wasn't drunk anymore.


He placed a finger on your lips. "You promised."

He slid your shorts off and threw them on the ground, leaving you completely naked.

You moaned as his fingers went to work.

He was busy unbuttoning his shirt with the other.

Fred slipped his pants off, and pushed into you.

You closed your eyes and bit down hard on your bottom lip.

You had synced your breathing with him after a few minutes.

In when he was out, out when he was in. Keeping yourself from panting. It was hard though. It was such a good feeling. Like you had a vibrater set on 10 inside of you. He held your body close to his. You nibbled on his shoulder and ran your hand through his long silky hair.

"Uh! Fred, yeeesssss!" You felt your body swell with pleasure.

He groaned and collapsed on top of you. You wrapped your arms around him and held him all night long.

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