Harry Potter One-Shots (Staring You!)

Chapter 3

I Saw Drarry (Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter)

You were walking down a hallway. You wanted to be alone today. You were walking down halls hoping to find somewhere no one had been in a while. You soon came to a large door. You opened it and walked in. You found yourself in a cozy little room.

It had a big bed, a lit fireplace, a comfy looking rug, candles, and a loveseat.

"Woah." You breathed.

Just then you heard someone coming. You had to hide. You didn't know why but you felt like you needed to. You saw a closet that you swear hadn't bee there before. You jumped into it and peeked out the slits in the door.

Draco Malfoy and your boyfriend Harry Potter stumbled in groping each other and kissing furiously. You gasped and slapped a hand over your mouth.

Harry broke away. "Did you hear that?"

"It was...probably...nothing." Draco said kissing Harry's neck between words.

"Yeah your right." Harry said smiling.

Your heart beat fast and you felt your stomach twist into a big knot. All this time they had been secret lovers! Your boyfriend Harry had lied to you. He said he'd never cheat on you. He did cheat...WITH DRACO.

Why didn't he just tell me he's gay? You thought.

You felt something run across your foot. You looked down to see a little mouse.

You jumped and fell backwards knocking against the wall.

"OW!!!" You shouted.

You got off your ass and onto your knees. The door swung open and their stood Draco and Harry.

"__!? What are you doing in here?" Harry asked.

He didn't seem to care that I'd just seem him with Draco...just that I was interrupting.

"I-I um...I was just-" You stuttered.

"She was spying on us." Draco said smirking.

"No it's not that! I was-"

"Maybe we should punish her." Harry said.

"We could." Draco said. "The sluts already on her knees."

You were frozen with shock. Would Harry really do this? I know Draco would...but Harry?

"Get up!" Draco ordered.

You got to your feet. Harry and Draco grabbed your arms and pulled you out into the middle of the room and started to feel you up.

"Harry,please! We were together! Don't do this!" You begged.

"Shut it!" Draco growled digging his nails into your skin.

"That hurts!" You shouted at him.

"Good." Harry whispered in your ear.

Draco slid your skirt down as Harry unbuttoned your shirt.

"Stop it!" You shouted backing away from them.

Draco smirked at you. Your skirt was dangling from his finger.

Your heart beat faster as he and Harry walked towards you. You turned around and ran for the door.

Harry blocked it. "Not so fast."

You turned around to find your way blocked by Draco. "Not so fast honey."

"Leave me alone!" You shouted falling to your knees.

When you looked up you wish you hadn't done that.

Their hands were on their belt buckles. Undoing them...

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