Is This Reality or Fantasy?

Amber and Vincent. So different, but so alike. Like a pillow and a piece of brick.

~Thanks for reading~

Chapter 1

The Envelope

Amber walked down the sidewalk with her backpack heavy on her back. This year she had especially high hopes for Valentine’s Day. A boy named Vincent had been looking at her in the hallway. But to this attention, Amber didn’t know what to think. Vincent was the wide-eyed, scary, exchange student from England. They were in drama together, and though he was only 15, he spoke, when he was acting, like Satan himself might. With a low, menacing growl when he played villains. That was another thing, he only played villains or slightly deranged people. She was a little scared by that. Who wouldn’t? she thought.
As she walked through the doors of the school, a dull roar fell around her like a net. Amber saw her friend, Fiona, standing with a boy named Dylan, talking. They’d probably be going to the dance together. Amber felt a wave of fear roll over her. What if she did have anyone to go with? What if no one asked her? She’d be the laughing stock of school. Tear formed, but she vowed they would not fall. Amber opened her locker, and put down her things.
“Hey, Amber, have a date yet?” Fiona asked her as she shut her locker.
“No, not yet,” Amber replied solemnly.
“That’s okay, girl. You’re bound to get a date. You’re a lot prettier than me, and I got one,”
“I’m not prettier than you, Fiona. What if no one asks me?”
“I think someone did ask you, what’s that envelope taped to your locker?”
Amber whirled around and looked. Sure enough, there was an envelope taped to her closed locker.
“Well, that’s funny. That most certainly wasn’t there before,” Amber said startled.
“Open it!” Fiona said eagerly.
“Okay, okay,” she said as she opened the envelope. A letter, folded into three parts lay within. Amber pulled it out and read,

My dear,
Though I have know you long not,
A part of me feels it has known you since the dawn of life
But I had not the courage to tell you so
Fear plucked my heartstrings like a harp
I am truly sorry I was such a coward
You deserve more than me, my dear
I just wanted to ask
For one more chance
To show you
I am good enough for you
Please, Amber
I am not made of stone
Please, my dear
Give me the chance to show you who I am


Though she had just about been proposed to, the signature was the biggest shock to her.
“Oh my God!” Fiona said to Amber. “Look, there’s a second note,”
“I hope it’s not as totally insane as the last one,” Amber said.
She opened the little scroll she retrieved from the bottom of the envelope. It read:
Could you and your friend come to the auditorium? I have something I want to say. Thank you.

“How in the hell did he know I was here?” Fiona asked.
“I dunno. Let’s go to the auditorium. We have 15 minutes before 1st period,”
“Fine,” Amber said, and off they went.

Amber felt so happy. At least she’d have a date for Valentine’s Day even if he couldn’t live up to his silver words. The girls pushed the doors and entered the pitch black room. They looked around frantically in the dark for a light, but they found none. Then they heard something or someone moving on the stage.
“Vincent?” she called.
“Please sit down,” he called back.
Amber and Fiona sat in the rows closest to the doors. Vincent laughed.
“You don’t trust me, eh?” he said. “You have reason enough,”
“Excuse me, Phantom of the Opera, could you turn on the lights?” Fiona caled.
“No, I think you all will appreciate what I am doing better in this lighting,”

Then a blue light blazed from the stage. Both girls shielded their eyes then glanced up to the stage. Vincent was suspended in midair, holding a guitar and looking away from them. Then he started playing. The lights flickered as the guitar strummed, then he started singing. She didn’t recognise the song at first, but then recognized it to be the Scientist by Coldplay. She loved it. He was such a good singer. His brown hair looked purple in the light. Amber was crying. She had shunned him because of how strange he is, and she felt terrible. He was pouring his heart out to her. He finished the song and looked to her. Amber looked up to him.
"Amber, will you go with me to the dance?” he asked.
“Yes, I will,” she said.
“Great! I’ll pick you up at 6,”
As she said that, the lights vanished, and Vincent was gone.


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