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Chapter 1


I have been hearing lots and lots of people talking about killing them selves and leaving this word, and its really tearing my heart out....
Where i live i don't here lots of cases of suicide, and me hearing it on here it really is changing my emotions, from being happy to every time i hear another case i feel really sad and its depressing.....

I just want people that are reading this and are thinking of suicide, its not the answer. I know i cant change your mind altogether straight away, and i know i can't run your life; but you only get one chance in life, and if you ruin that there is no turning back. No turning back the clock, no second chances.

So people you got to think of the good things in life, you got to smile more, be more happy; because one day yes this will be over, but not now, not soon, not in 100 years.



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