Loving you is a Joke.

People say I'm crazy, but I'm not. I know I'm not. I'm just special. Sure, I may not feel guilt after taking a life, should I? I don't even know anymore. My life was simple, planned out. I was riding on a high until he left me. Like, like I was nothing after years. Nothing to him. I didn't see him again until now, 5 years later. When I landed myself in Arkham.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I laughed and held tightly on to the mug at what my friend Liza was saying.
"So enough about me. How is married life treating you?" She asked me with a smirk.
"He treats me like a princess. He's so excited for this baby Lise. I can't wait." I smiled putting a hand on my baby bump. We were having a boy and Jack was so excited. We pained the babies room and everything was waiting and ready for his arrival. Three weeks to go!
"I bet you are!" Liza smiled putting her hand on my belly. I smiled at her and looked at my watch.
"Damn the time. I should go and make a start on dinner." I laughed at what I imagined for when I returned home. My beautiful husband waiting for me at the kitchen table. Even after 5 years of marriage I still don't understand how I got so lucky. Even with the scars he was still the most handsome man alive to me.
"Ok sweetie. Give me a call when you need me okay?" My friend said to me before walking me out. She only lived a block away from my house so it wasn't to far to walk, or in my case, waddle. When I got to my home things looked a little dark.
"Jack? I'm home?" I shouted. I knew he would be back from work at this time.
"Jack?" I called out again. I jumped when I heard crazy laughter come from the living room.
"Jack Napier this isn't funny anymore." I whimpered putting a hand on my baby bump. I walked into the living room and it was trashed, all of the photos were smashed. The tv, the mirror, everything. Broken, ripped, abused. I heard the laughter again, louder this time. The living room door slammed shut behind me and I jumped.
"My loving wife is home now. How are you doing sweetie?" Jack sneered at me. What was happening? This wasn't my loving husband that left the house this morning.
"Jack what is going on?" I trembled at the sight of him.
"I got fired today Rylee. You want to know why?" He spat.
"They didn't like the scars. They said I was a freak. You! You said it was all going to be okay." He screamed. He was acting like a mad man.
"Jack baby?" I began.
"That got me thinking. What if our son grew up thinking I was a monster." He said sadly.
"I don't want that. You don't want me. I need to go." He said suddenly.
"Jack! Don't leave me!" I begged. I can't let him go. We can get help.
"It will all be okay Jack. Please?" I begged following out of the room. He turned around to face me with anger in his eyes.
"NO IT WONT!" He said pushing me to the floor and running out of the house. I felt a twinge of pain and thought nothing of it. I got up and ran after him.
"JACK!" I screamed just before I heard the tires screech, my world went black.

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