A Mental Crisis

Save me from myself.

Chapter 1

The Demon drink

The anger I have inside me would be banished sooner or later. I rise from the armchair I was sitting on making my way to the unlocked cabinet where spirits and liquors were stored. I turn the key inside the lock and remove the wooden cover on the cabinet. The bottle of whisky gleamed in the candlelight. I uncork the bottle reluctantly and seize the nearest highball glass sitting at the back of the cabinet. I pour a half glass of whisky and swiftly drink it. The alcohol burned in my throat. I then pour myself a full glass of the ''poison''. I keep on drinking until the bottle was half drank. Then I make my way across the room to sit once more on the armchair and wait for the alcohol to take effect and drunk me. The maid working in the castle came into the room. She asked me what I was doing with the bottle of whisky which was on the open cabinet. I didn't answer, because I wouldn't want her to know the truth. I stand up from the chair, already drunk walking into the dining room where a jug of water was waiting. The maid now saw me trembling and stumbling across the room. I finally reach the table, exhausted from my short journey. I struggle to serve myself a full glass of water as my hands were shaky and my vision blurred. The maid asked me if I was all right. I reply to her ''Yes, you do not need concern about it, I am fine''. She leaves the room and then I make my way to the armchair to rest. After all this, about twenty more minutes later, I black out. My cousin found me afterwards unconscious in my bedroom with puke all over me. I wake up in a medical ward, surrounded by people I couldn't clearly see. I recognise my mother looking down at me. I shouted and begged as panic overwhelmed me. Everyone told me to calm down. I was desperate to know where I was. The next thing I can only remember is stumbling on my way to my now clean bedroom and having to throw up in a bucket before lying down into bed and drifting into sleep.

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