HetaOni (My Ending Version)

Inspired from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qOvNgEsZ9s (I am weird. Okay so I have not watched it in so long and I don't know why I chose this song. So I hope you like it? And I'm sorry if its not your like and a HUGE FAIL) WARNING: uses My OC capital and Wolves_Anonymus's. Don't like don't read xP. I feel stupid writing this T-T.

Chapter 1

Past Memories but a Beautiful Future

"Wait! Please!" Italy saw the light above him die down. He didn't want to be in the darkness. He sobbed in hot tears, pleading the light to come back. But the darkness soon became a feild of flowers. He looked around with conusion.


He stopped. "G-germany?!" Italy started to question and sobbed. "Germany! I'm scared! Please, come help me!"
"Italy." He stopped and heard the familiar voice. Italy turned and saw.....Holy Roman Empire. He stood, froze of shock. He looked the same but older. "it is nice to see you again." The Italian couldn't speak. He started to sob, his lost friend was here, now. He ran and hugged him.
"H-holy Roman Empire, h-how are you here?!" Italy stopped and backed away with a small hateful look. "you killed my friends! Why!?" Holy Rome gave a guilty look. Italy dropped to his knee's, hugging himself as he cried.
"Because this is as if you were in a dream. Except for one thing, everything will go as you like. That's why you don't have to worry about them." Holy Roman gave a smile then a helping hand. Italy looked up with widened eyes.
"But I can't worry. I have to go after them." He started to hear more cries. Hearing his name to come back. All of them were. But, if this was a dream then why is he dreaming of killing them? No, this wasn't his dream. It was a nightmare. Everything was a nightmare. Where was he and why?
"Even if this is a dream?"
"Because it is a dream!" Italy snapped back. He stood up, giving a sorrowful look. "How many times will I be allowed to make mistakes? How many more times will I have to tell the same lies? How many more times will I have to watch my friends die?!" He started to cry again. He hugged himself. Holy Rome stood emotionless but with guilt. Hurting his friend was none of his options to do, yet he was.
"Italy-" Italy shook his head.
"No. I-I have to go back. I have to. But........Holy Rome....let me go." Italy looked at him with sorrowful eyes. The other gave a confused look. "you have to go on." Italy started to walk toward him as he let his arms hang. He embraced him in a hug.
"I missed you." Holy Rome hugged back.
"So have I. My friends.......had asked questions about you." Holy Rome looked at him bewildered. "I told them the story of when we were little. I had never forgotten about you, but at times I have to let go. I thought you had moved on, but......." He tensed and pulled back from the hug. Italy hugged himself once more and cried.
"I'm sorry." Holy Rome bit his lip. He too, heard Italy's name being called. The guilt grew more and more. "but....." Italy looked at him confused when he smiled at him.
"But what-" Italy looked above. He started to hear the voices louder, the sound of their voices grew more and more.
"Its okay Italy, I'm always here with you. I will never forget you, but move on knowing you will never too." A light flashed before his eyes.
"H-he's alive!" Once Italy opened his eyes, the images became blurry. He opened then closed them a couple of times before they started to appear more clear. He knew this sweet innocent voice. Another husky one came up. A loud, then soft, it all came back. He started to cry tears of joy as he felt a pair of warm strong hands pick him up.
"Come on! Lets go!" Germany..... He heard many footsteps, guns being triggered, yells of battle. He opened his eyes. Germany held him close as he saw Tokyo and Japan fight everything that was coming in their way. For Tokyo to fight was a bit suprising. Though, she had the face of war. Serious, but calm, just like Japan. He then saw the front door. He wanted to cry but didn't have the strength to do it. A monster appeared in front of them. His eyes widened in fear. He saw Tokyo jump in the air and Japan charge at him from the side. The thing had hit Tokyo, making her hit the wall. But was disintergrated once Japan had slashed him with his sword. He didn't see her again. He heard another familiar voice. Spain and Romano. He looked up slightly, seeing Romano in tears yelling at the top of his lungs. Germany had held him tighter as they stopped. He heard others. It seemed like England was using magic and America was shooting his gun. Paris was also shooting, as she threw her knives as well. Everyone was fighting, but why? They're all just going to die again, right? Italy started to feel useless, not like he was in the beginning right? He was tired of repeating it over and over. He just kept wishing he had never found this mansion in the first place. Go to the mansion they said. It would be fun they said.

He closed his eyes once more. Preparing himself for what it is to come. He then felt a tear go down, then more. No..... He started to tremble. He heard Prussia scream at the top of his lungs. He covered his ears as he felt more tears come. He almost rolled into a ball at the German's chest. No...... Something broke. It was a clock. Another clock. He then heard someone gasp in horror, but it was faint. Japan? America? Maybe even Tokyo or Paris? Please god no......
"I'm going to kill this thing if its the last thing I do!!!!!!!!!!" The voice was Spain. He sounded angry, but not mad. He could hear the Spaniard growl. He heard the cries when you fight in a war. He opened one eye seeing that thing. It was bigger then the others he had seen. A scream escaped from his mouth in horror; eyes widened with terror. This was the end. Another loop again, ve?

"America now!" This caught Italy's attention. England was blind still but he made a magic cricle around the American. He saw a circle around England with his book leveled to his chest as he chanted words. But how?! How could he still have all his magic?!

America raised his gun toward the thing as blue lines surrounded him and flew into the gun. He started to hear metal clink behind him but didn't even bother to look. Once England said his last word in power, America pulled the trigger. The bullet flunged into the things forehead, making it disintergrate in its spot. Light flashed and its screaming echoed into the whole mansion, if possible. The circles disappeared as America captured England fainting. He put the Englishman on his back as he ran to them quickly.
"Guys go now!" Italy heard a click. He made a small gasp suprised. W-what?! Once he turned his head, the door opened. He felt Germany run toward the door into the outside world. Everyone ran out. They were outside. The sun was shining upon them. He saw all of the other nations too. Everyone ran to them with open arms. Hungary glomped the German to hug Italy and fell back. The Asians were hugging all each other as Ukraine and Belarus hugged Russia. They were out of the mansion. They didn't die! There was not going back to another loop! No more does he have to suffer to watch them all die again!

All of Italy's tears pour out as Romano embraced his brother in a tight hug. It seemed like everyone was jumping up and down, crying tears of joy from the hell they escaped. "Italy! I'm so happy your alive!......Oh my god...." Hungary cried in soft tears. Italy hugged Romano more tighter.
"Hm? What is it you bastard?" He said sniffling.
"I love you brother." Romano stubbornly hugged back.
"I love you too." The two released their embrace.

"Hey Italy!" He turned his head. All the nations and two capitals lined up smiling at him and Romano. They head tears from their eyes and everything. Germany smiled at him and held out a hand. "let's go back, shall we?" Italy's eyes widened. Everyone looked beautiful, despite the little blood and bandages they had on their clothes. They all had a smiling face. Italy grabbed Lovino's hand and ran. Ran to the light. To his friends and family.

To the Beautiful Future.........


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