The Princesses Of Hogwarts (A Continued Story)

The Princesses Of Hogwarts (A Continued Story)

Kk people, this is a cotinuation from my single author story, The Princess Of Ravenclaw. Please Rate, Enjoy and Comment! It would be apperciated by me, and the authors. :)

Chapter 1


by: Pierced_
The Princess Of Ravenclaw

Name: Adaline Melody Ravenclaw
Age: 11
Apperance: Long, Wavy Blond Hair, Dark Blue Eyes, Slender, 5' 2", Pale
Personality: Intelligent, Kind, Caring, Pure, Shy, Stubborn, Creative
House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Eagle
Adopted Family: Anthony and Annie Cruz (Parents), Nathaniel and Andrew (Older Brothers)

The Princess Of Hufflepuff

Name: Stephanie Hufflepuff
Age: 11
Personality: quiet hard-working, friendly, loyal, honest and impartial, tries to make everyone happy, loves to laugh
House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: Badger
Adopted Family: Emma and Franklin Greggory Sister Zendaya Greggory (p.s. Got Zendaya from Shake It Up :D)

The Princess Of Gryffindor

Name: Riley Samson (Gryffindor,but as she grew up in an orphanage,the people there just gave her that surname.)
Age: 11
House: Gryffindor (of course).
Appearance: short, light brown hair (with a fringe), brown eyes, average height, skinny.
Personality: Not exactly the smartest in a group, funny, independent, really brave(of course).
Family: None that she knows of, the people at the orphanage just say a tall man with a huge head of dark brown hair, wearing a cloak, had dropped her off one day,and then, vanished.
Patronus: Lion Cub.
Other Info: She hides small animals in her wardrobe,often getting into trouble for it,but the one animal she's been able to hide and cares for the most is a small baby fox, named Fox.

The Princess Of Slytherin

Name: Aimee Tara-Lee
Age: 11
Appearance: AA, layered black hair to her elbows, tall, athletic, contacts
Personality: nice, pretty, smart, sarcastic ( all Slytherins need it ), funny
House: This will come as a surprise, but Gryffindor
Patronus: Snake
Adopted Family: Macy and George Tara-Lee

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