My life according to my iPod!

Chapter 1

This is gonna get weird

1. How Are You Feeling Today?
Your Song by ALL CAPS
2. Will I get Far In Life?
A Thousand Hours by Alex Day
3. What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?
Candy Floss by Alex Day
4. What is or Was High School Like?
Impossible Dreams by Alex Day
5. What is The Best Thing About Me?
Strange Charm by Hank Green
6. How Was Yesterday?
Summer of '09 by ALL CAPS
7. What is my Love Life Like?
A Song About Acne by Charlie McDonnell
8. What will my Parents Say To me?
Missing You by Alex Day
9. What Song Will They Play On My Funeral?
This Kiss by Alex Day ft. Carrie Hope Fletcher
10. How Does The World See Me?
Porphyrophobia by Tom Milsom
11. What Do My Friends Really Think Of Me?
Nightmares by Chameleon Circuit
12. What Secret Is The World Keeping From Me?
In the Absence of Christmas by Charlie McDonnell
13. How Do I make Myself Happy?
Delete You by ALL CAPS
14. What Should I Do With My Life?
Sicily by Alex Day
15. Will I Have Children?
Christmas Wish by ALL CAPS
16. What is Good Advice?
Real or Not Real by ALL CAPS
17. What does everyone Else Think Of My Current Life?
Silence and the End of All Things by Chameleon Circuit
18. What Type Of Men or Women Do I like?
No More by Alex Day
19. Where Will I Live?
The Time of Your Life by Alex Day
20. What Will My Dying Words Be?
Holding On by Alex Day

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