all that i am . a percy jackson love story .

Name ; Madaline Malez . (aka: maddi ) hair color ; it changes . eye color ; sea foam . learn more in preface chapter 1 ;

Chapter 1


madaline or should we say Leoine , the goddess of the elements daughter of pan and kihone ( pan god of the wild / nature .) ( khione goddess of the snow ) , wakes up in the big house of camp half blood with no memory as punishment for her crime of , not killing a village of fire people , ( half bloods who are children of heptausus who can bend fire .) she must live on earth and travel with the halfbloods show them their true potential , one problem . shes only 14 . pan has just died as had khione in the battle of the labyrinth . kronos stirrs . and the half bloods are training hard . Madaline has amazing power she can do anything with , AIR , FIRE , WATER , EARTH / ROCK AND CONTROLS THE VENTI ( air sprits ) .she has to find a life on earth and start all over again .

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