Secrets, Seekers, and Spies. ~An Original Group Story~

Secrets, Seekers, and Spies. ~An Original Group Story~

Alyssa Hale lost the most important people in her life, her parents, at the young age of seven. Now, nine years later, as a 16 year old Sophomore in High School, she meets two new students. Not know who they are or where they came from, she learns their secret, and finds out what really happened to her parents. But what will happen when she falls for one of them?

This is an original group story by Claire (CVDB), and Tiffany (Every_Soul_A_Star_), and me. :]

Chapter 1


Written by Claire (CVDB)

"You see, it wasn't ever really about me, it was about them. My parents. Of course you don't know. You'll never really know it like I know it.

"It was way back. I was little. But despite that, I'll never let the memory get fuzzy. The pain will always be as clear as day.

"It was your parents, dear Alyssa. Your parents were agents too, did you know? No? Hm, how strange. Well they were. And they were supposed to bring the most wanted back. But something else happened. A supposed mix up.

"Your beloved parents gave flawed instructions. Whatever was supposed to knock my parents out actually killed them.

"I can't tell you much more about their deaths, because that's all I know. But I can tell you all about your parents' deaths, Alyssa.

"I never forgave them. So when you went out to eat that night? I poisoned them. And the bottle of wine? Well...oops. That was me.

"But I suppose that wasn't enough. Maybe that explains all this. I don't know for sure, but ever since then I haven't rested. And I never will. Not until I finish this. And you three are just a little blip on the radar."

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