Riddle Contest WE HAVE A WINNER!

Chapter 1

Are You Ready?

Guess what, everybody? I'm hosting a Riddle Contest! Below are 3 riddles which each equal to a word or phrase. The first person to find out all the correct answers and messages them to me will get a prize!

So what's the prize?

If you get the correct answers, I will make a story telling all my friends to send you friend requests! That's a legit prize, right?

And in addition, I will put your name on the second riddle contest so other people know you won the first contest.

Also, you can choose one of your created stories and I will put a link to that story on the next contest so others will read it.

In a nutshell, the winner gets friend requests, recognition and reads on your story!

Riddle 1


Hint: (word)

Riddle 2


Hint: (name)

Riddle 3


Hint: (two words)

So start thinking! Whoever gets the answers to the riddles first wins those attractive prizes!
No deadline, but hurry before someone else beats you to it!


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