Never A Goodbye (An Original Story)

Childhood friends, childhood memories, family and love. It all started 15 years ago. Winter Rose Summers was just 3 years old when she met her best friend, Jack Michael Hammer. Ever since they were 3, they were inseperable. Through preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Sure they had their fights and both of them knew that as the years went on, their relationship was changing, both of them to stubborn to admit their friendship was tearing. Here's an original love story.

Chapter 1

Meet Winter Rose Summers and Jack Michael Hammer

Winter's Character Profile

Full Name: Winter Rose Summers
Gender: Female
Age: Starting at 3 but the main age will be 18-_
Appearance: Long Straight Blonde "almost White" hair, fair skin, bright blue eyes like the summer sky, shy smile, 5'6, 135 pounds.
Personality: Shy, Timid, Insecure, Modest, Bashful, Stubborn, Kind, Caring, Happy-Go-Lucky, Optimistic, Intelligent, Self Concious, and Supportive
Best Friend: Jack Michael Hammer
Family: Mom died from cancer when she was 10. Dad became angry and a workaholic who was never home. No siblings. Jack is like her brother.
Other: Went to all the school dances with Jack as friends even though she has a crush on him. Dream college is University of Maryland. Plays volleyball as right side hitter

Jack's Character Profile

Full Name: Jack Michael Hammer
Gender: Male
Age: Starting at 3 but the main age will be 18-_

Appearance: Light Brown Short Wavy Hair, Amber eyes, tan skin, charming smile, 6'4, 225 pounds, fit
Personality: Charming, Confident, Athletic, Stubborn, Intelligent, Protective, Caring, Humerous, Sarcastic, Kind, Supportive but Argumentative
Best Friend: Winter Rose Summers
Family: 5 older brothers. Winter is like his sister he never had. Parents are both doctors. Rich family. Supportive of his choices. Learned everything from them but they fight a lot under their roof..
Other: Very protective of Winter, deep down he loves her more then life itself, always trying to break her out of her shell. Plays three sports: Football, Hockey and Baseball. Hates to fail. Fears of losing Winter. Many friends but sticks by Winter through thick and thin, Dream college is Stanford Univerisity

This story takes place in the 21st century in Blaine, Minnesota. Hope you all enjoy, this story will officially start after my Hawkeye story for AlicenPotter789.

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